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On Friday 4/29/16, political prisoner Gary Tyler was release from Angola prison! ————————————————————————————————————— Posted on huffingtonpost.com: Louisiana Prisoner Freed After 41 Years Of Unconstitutional Life Sentence At 16, Tyler was the youngest person on Louisiana’s death row. A Louisiana man walked free from the state’s notorious Angola prison late on Friday after serving 41 years […]

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The new edition of the Incarcerated Worker Newsletter is ready!!

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SPIE : Portrait d’un collabo tout-terrain


[Avertissement : une erreur s’est glissée dans la version papier du bulletin. SPIE-Batignolles, également constructeur de prisons, n’est plus une filiale de SPIE, le texte ci-dessous a été corrigé.]
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Cartel nais

El próximo miércoles 4 de Junio se realizará en los locales de la CNT-AIT de Madrid (Tirso de Molina 5, 2ºIzq) una charla del colectivo Nais Contra a Impunidade, un colectivo de madres que luchan contra la represión y brutalidad carcelaria y policial y la impunidad que detentan las autoridades represoras del Estado. La charla estará a cargo de Carmen ( Madre de Diego Viña) Fran del Buey (Abogado de la Asociación Nais Contra a Impunidade), Lola Riveiro (madre de Noelia Cotelo Riveiro) y Dominga González (madre de Xosé Tarrio González).
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Aquí se pueden descargar los últimos Tokatas para imprimirlos y envíarlos dentro o difundirlos de cualquier manera.

En pdf: noviembre 2008; marzo 2009; noviembre 2009; febrero 2010; junio 2010; octubre 2010; marzo 2011; agosto 2011; noviembre 2011; febrero 2012

En word: noviembre 2008; marzo 2009; noviembre 2009; febrero 2010; junio 2010; octubre 2010; marzo2011; agosto 2011; noviembre 2011; febrero 2012



Prisons and Crime – Alexander Berkman (1906)


Modern philanthropy has added a new role to the repertoire of penal institutions. While, formerly, the alleged necessity of prisons rested, solely, upon their penal and protective character, to-day a new function, claiming primary importance, has become embodied in these institutions — that of reformation.
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Anti-System Cores For Mass Struggle and Subversion


Part one

“If you will not free yourself from the ropes that bind you while you are alive, do you think that ghosts will do it after?” Kabir

At this point, no one is innocent and all have made their choice. There is not one person who is not having to take sides. People are testing each other, testing society, testing how far they can go. Flexing their muscles, so to speak, before the clash. You can see it in the slight tilt of the lips as someone blames the immigrants or the Muslims in a roomful of strangers. Who will react?
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Dichiarazione di Jose Rodríguez nel processo contro Lotta Rivoluzionaria ad Atene (13.9.2012) it/es/gr


La guerriglia è una forma di lotta contro l’ordine stabilito che viene da lontano. Nello stato spagnolo è ben conosciuta con quel nome dai tempi della dittatura del generale Franco.
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Parole Board Stitch-up


John Bowden writes about his treatment at the hands of a megalomaniac social worker and an all too acquiescent Parole Board. Further articles by John, and others about his current situation and what you can do to help, can be found on this site.

n June of 2011, the Parole Board for England and Wales finally carried out its statutory obligation to review my continued imprisonment after 32 years of captivity. Its official terms of reference were clear and straightforward; to be reassured that I represented no risk or danger to the public, (the main legal criteria determining whether a life sentence prisoner is safe to be released or not), and that I could be safely managed or supervised in the community beyond prison.
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