Germany: Public Reoccupation of Hambach Forest Has Begun!


Lovely re­vol­ting peop­le!

While RWE is scan­ning for com­post toi­lets, the bour­geois media is ga­sping for air be­cau­se of some bro­ken po­li­ce-​car win­dows and wesquat the HAM­BACH FO­REST again!

TODAY is the 26th of April 2014, like an­noun­ced there’s going to be a de­mons­tra­ti­on and the pu­blic RE-​OC­CUPA­TI­ON of the FO­REST.

Maybe there’s also gonna be all sorts of big­ger and/or smal­ler ac­tionsas well, we stay open for sur­pri­ses ;-)

We an­ti­ci­pa­te a rad and tan­ta­li­zing day for sure: so­me­thing is going to hap­pen and we feel very ex­hil­ara­ted about that!

Be­si­des ge­ne­ral infos, texts and pic­tu­res we are going to launch a ti­cker on our blogs so each and ever­yo­ne can be up-​to-​da­te:

www.​hambacherforst.​blogsport.​de (Ger­man)
www.​hambachforest.​blogsport.​de (English)
www.​bosquehambach.​blogsport.​de (Cas­tel­la­no)

If so­me­o­ne wants to reach us on the phone, con­tact the fol­lowing num­ber:

(+49) (0)157-​541.​361.​00

For prin­ci­ples of com­ple­ten­ess some pa­ro­les:

Ham­bach Fo­rest stays!
RWE fuck off and die!
Work, Ca­pi­tal, Na­ti­on, Shit!
Vive la re­sis­tan­ce!
A las bar­ri­ca­das!