Direct actions for animal liberation (July 2014)


Australia: 80 hens liberated

Activists reported that 80 hens have been liberated from egg farms in Western Australia.

Turkey: Fish liberated

6th July 2014 – Burgazada Istanbul

At Madam Martha Bay of Burgazada where most people go in order to get some peaceful, free space out of civilization; we detected a person who thinks freedom is only for him and set a death camp (fish cage) against the fish in a rocky beach. Four frightened fish that hit the cage have been put back to the sea. The bottom part of cage was destroyed so that tens of other fish who would possibly end up in that camp could find the exit themselves.

‘Fish don’t feel pain’ is a big lie. That they don’t scream and not possessing any neocortex were supports of that lie. However fish do feel pain when dying just as we mammal animals do. This pain is both reflexive and cognitive.

( Fish that are caught in the net or bit the bait breathe way faster, hit themselves to here and there. Their eyes get bigger and bigger. When they are taken out of water, their last flutter is equivalent of us being hold underwater: Lungs (gills) inflate by airlessness and death by choke. If you fancy a little empathy, dive and wait underwater for a minute!

Leave the crap like animal welfare, animal loving or pescetarianism aside!

Go vegan in order to be against the oppression alltogether, live freegan in order to be a monkey wrench in the capitalist system that feeds on the exploitation. Destroy all death camps and concentration camps.

There’s no rescue service called ALF, don’t look for it. ALF is today, ALF is you! On a sandy beach, enjoying the sun today? Take a cutter and dive under water for your friends who are waiting for their final breathe in nets and cages a stone’s throw away.

To animals all humans are nazis. Until the last Hitler surrenders!

Netherlands: Hunting tower destroyed

‘Wildwissels’ are narrow forest paths, along which wild boars and deer move in search for food and water. Under the guise of the vulnerability and need for resting areas of wild animals, these paths are off-limits for people.

However, at the end of one such forest paths is a 9m. high hunting tower. To secure achieving real rest for the animals, this object was recently damaged beyond repair. From three of the four pillars barbed wire -attached to the thick poles against cutting- was cut loose, to make room for saw blades. These three pillars and all lower cross connections were cut loose, after which the stairs and the complete hunting tower was pulled out of balance. The tower is now very unstable skewed, resting on one pillar. With these adjustments this hunting tower became unusable and irreparable.

U.S.A.: Slaughter truck sabotaged

Last week, a mobile slaughter truck operated by Wards Custom Meat Cutting (25906 NE 147th Ave, Battle Ground, WA) was sabotaged by having a chemical abrasive introduced to its fuel system.

There is nothing humane about turning a living-breathing animal into a lifeless commodity in order to satisfy frivolous human desires. The so called ‘humane meat movement’ is not about about respecting the ‘welfare’ of non-human animals, but about masking and normalizing a culture of violence and exploitation directed towards sentient non-humans. This is an act of solidarity with the pigs and cows that are slated to be killed by this company and with all the victims of animal agriculture.

Until the last slaughterhouse truck is idled and the last butchers blade is snapped. A.L.F. Freedom Summer 2014 has officially commenced.

Netherlands: Homes of KLM and G4S executives vandalized

Last night (12 to 13 July) we, ‘The Visitors’ spray painted slogans and threw paint at the homes of Hans Duijst (Nieuw-Loosdrechtsedijk 47 in Loosdrecht), managing director of G4S West Europe, and Erik Swelheim (Haringvlietstraat 37 in Amsterdam), CFO of KLM.

We reject the role G4S plays in the detention and deportation of migrants in several countries. In The Netherlands this role is almost ended, because of cuts in government budgets. However, in other countries, including the UK and Australia, G4S still is responsible for running immigrant prisons and/or deportations. Just at the end of last May G4S guards in an Australian offshore detention centre in Papua New Guinea attacked imprisoned migrants, killing one of them.

We also despise G4S because of its part in the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and because of the providing of security services and equipment to Israeli prisons, checkpoints, the Apartheid Wall and the Israeli military and police.

We hold KLM responsible for its complicity in the deportations of migrants, which happen on a very regular basis. The company claims it just does what the government wants, but that’s no excuse. KLM has been asked for years and years to end this, but refuses to show any signs of humane and ethical behaviour. We refuse to keep on just asking.

We also despise KLM because of its transportation of monkeys that have been torn apart from their natural habitats to vivisection laboratories and because of its contributions to pollution and climate change.

We’ll keep on fighting for a world without borders and an end to the capitalist system that ruins the world and keeps billions of people in the grip of poverty, hunger, war, oppression and exploitation.

No borders, no nations! – Viva la anarchia!

U.S.A.: Mobile slaughter unit damaged

Earlier this month, a quart of bleach was poured into the fuel tank of a mobile slaughter unit operated by Bolar Custom Meat Cutting (381 Delameter Rd, Castle Rock, WA). This was done with the goal of causing damage to the unit’s fuel system and providing temporary respite from the bloodshed.

Canada: Butyric acid attack against the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science

On July 14, 2014, in Toronto, the Animal Liberation Front injected butyric acid into the office of the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science. CALAS is an organization made up of vivisectors that promotes animal research. The butyric acid will soak through the carpet and into the floorboards of their offices, and major repairs will be needed to get rid of the stench. Any building managers considering taking in CALAS as a tenant should be aware that unless you want something similar to happen in your offices, then think twice before doing business with these murderers. -ALF

Australia: Vandalisms against the cull of kangaroos

The ACT Government has blamed animal activists opposed to the government’s cull of kangaroos for recents acts of vandalism. Signs have been defaced, fences at nature reserves cut and gates glued shut.

In June, tires were slashed and windows broken on 10 vehicles at a parks service depot.

The government’s cull of kangaroos will continue until the end of July.

Denmark: 1000 mink liberated

Late on July 11, cages were opened at a fur farm near the town of Ølgod and as many as 1,000 mink escaped. According to media reports, a large hole was created in the fence surrounding the farm. “Stop the suffering” and other slogans were painted.