Announcing Black and Green Review


Black and Green Review is a new anarcho-primitivist (AP) magazine with a single goal: to deepen the AP and Green Anarchist (GA) critiques through open discussion and debate.

There is regrettably a long standing anarchist tradition of surface level dwelling. The words become subject to more scrutiny than the concepts and the discussion trickles to a self-reflexive standstill while meaningful action withers. We get lost in fluff and propaganda of the creed.

And yet the totality of civilization continues on around us. We have entered into a post-Peak Oil modernity within a globalized, techno-industrial civilization. Along with our old ghosts, we are joined by newer, ‘always on’ technological networks, energy extraction methods that go deeper, take more, and leave more toxins in their wake Climate instability shreds the residual ability of agricultural production and renders the world increasingly less habitable . The economy sinks, the rampages increase, the sixth great extinction unfolds.

Our context is the context of collapse. We have become a part of the unfolding process of a civilization stretched beyond its means and the strains of domestication unravel.

The AP critique is far from dead. Its relevance is written on the crumbling walls, inside empty granaries, underneath the veneer of control, and inside the rusted out gas wells.

It’s time to cut the shit. It’s time to be open and honest in our discussion. It’s time to be deliberate in word so that actions can follow suit.

What we hope to achieve is simple: to find our sacred cows, our open wounds, our hopes, and our fears, and to lay them out in the open, to force us to deal with them. We plan to achieve this through moderated debates, open questions for discussion, focused essays, critical reviews, engaged rewilding, and offline interactions.

We are in dire times, but we will never give in. On our path towards encompassing wildness; we will resist, we will fight, and we will never give up in the face of all odds.

It’s time for some real talk. We hope you’ll join us.

Black and Green Review