Greece: Religious targets vandalized (Thessaloniki, 19/02/2015)


Inter Arma received and translated:

History has proven that religion has always been a tool of dominion in order to promote oppression through fear. As one of the dominant symbols of authority, religion posed and continues to pose some superior figures to who you’re amenable (god, priests and other political-religious staff). It promoted and continues to promote the idea that things change through faith, prayer and submission and not through action taking by the oppressed making them therefore incapable to manage their lives, leading them in the best case to charity and in the worst in inaction.

Religion is not a stand-alone authoritarian means, but was created by the dominion’s need to shape a whole culture, a code of values, ethics that form behavioral standards and promote social control, which has found the way to integrate into the modern way of life and diffuse itself inside every aspect of daily life (prayers in schools, baptizing-weddings, religion lessons at schools, religious oath etc). It was created by the dominion’s need to disrupt and divide the oppressed, promoting unity among coreligionists and discord among heathens. That’s why many times we see religious people defining their daily routine based on religious traditions. We see uprisings, conflicts and expanding wars taking place for religious reasons. The relation between the eminent institution of religion (church) with the world of authority is reflected even in the economical field. It was the base for a whole industry of profit to be built, with deals between the church and the state as well as with representatives of dominion. (for example, Vatopedi). Today, the influence of religion in the western world may have languished, but it remains an emotional/moral blackmail, an industry of exploitation for the oppressed (directly in the emotional level and indirectly in the economical one), one more disunion, such as the origin, nation, gender and race. That’s why in every juncture, church and religion are and will be one more target, being a part of authority.

Therefore, at the dawn of Thursday 19th of February we desecrated 13 small churches and vandalized the front of 4 churches in Thessaloniki with paints and sprays. Meanwhile, we attacked a shop selling religious items and the entrance of Thessaloniki’s metropolitan church with paints, breaking the cameras that adorned it.


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