Greece: Update on the comrades – hunger strikers Mihalis Nikolopoulos, Damianos Bolano and Olga Ekonomidou


Comrade Damianos Bolano begun the hunger strike weighing 90.1 kg, has now reached 73.5 kg and suffers from skin infection almost all over his body. Comrade Mihalis Nikolopoulos from weighing 78.5 kg, has now reached 66.5, while showing significant bradycardia with pulses of the range of 40-44 per minute and low pressure (8/6 small).

Olga Eκonomidou is on the 28th day of hunger strike and has reached a critical level of body weight (42 kg), the pressure is very low (7/5) and blood sugar ranges with measurements starting at 70 and go up to 52 who are a borderline for hypoglycemic shock.

Nevertheless, “justice” continues to play with the lives of the hunger strikers, delaying the council’s decision to release the relatives of members of the CCF in a bureaucratic way, leading them to the boundaries between life and death.