Greece: New update on the anarchist hunger striker Spyros Mandylas


The application filed by the comrade – hunger striker Spyros Mandylas arrived today in Thessaloniki by fax, it was registered and then reached the official responsible for determining the hearing process. The medical reports that exist for comrade Spyros Mandylas were also enclosed. The application will be reviewed by the appeals prosecutor in order for him to determine the date of the hearing on the demand. The secretary will put the case into his account by priority.

The major problem that arises is that in order for the prosecutor to decide on a hearing date, the decision of the court must be officially published (which means that all postponements, holidays, modifications, accusations, testimonials, proposals by prosecutors and lawyers, decisions, ALL must be accurately recorded). According to the secretary, this will not happen before June, as the decision is 200 pages long and it must be checked by the president of the court in order to be completed. It is very large file to be published immediately.

If a hearing date is not decided by the prosecutor based on the informal decision by tomorrow (which he can only do by exception, if he does it at all), there is no other way for him to be released, except by gathering the amount of money for the bail.

The seriousness of the situation of our comrade Spiros Mandylas – hunger striker since 14/3/15 – leaves no room for indifference and sluggishness with bureaucratic ploys by the judicial authorities. In case of any damage or malfunction caused on the health of S. Mandylas (because of time delay), the responsibility does not only fall on his 39 co-defendants, but also on the judiciary


Anarchist Squat Nadir