United Kingdom: “A few words about total liberation from anti-social, individualist, anarchist point of view”


One could say that the term total liberation is a general term. I will specify that according to how I see it. The term total liberation means liberation of human animals, non-human animals and the earth, at no case through the point of view of any future fantasy or better mass society. If we convert total liberation into ideology then we trivialize it and it completely loses it’s meaning. The total liberation that I am speaking about could be nothing less than aggressive and in total conflict with the existent. The earth and the non-human animals as well as the human animals are parts of chaos. I am a nihilist and I see myself as an individuality inside the entire physical environment away from anthropocentric societies as the cities.

Cities are prisons made by society and normality and must be torn down. Without the physical environment there would be no life. But without the cities there would still be life besides the changes this might involve that will occur, and i reject all views that state life is only viable within cities and civilization. So we should connect the struggle for liberation of our ego from every chain, with total liberation which goes beyond the destruction of the state and delves deep into the search of the destruction of anthropocentrism and civilization as two well hidden major ghosts, chains and ideologies.

Criticism, theory and action must infiltrate even more radically and deep into the con-science for total liberation. Our ego is the only one we should count as an ally at the beginning of our path, with nihilism as our weapon, anarchy is our total disorder against any type of dominion and total liberation is the evolution of our thoughts that will help us to light the fires over our enemies.

Why to help the non-human animals? Because they are our comrades, prisoners, as well as our human animal comrades behind bars, inside the world of the rotting system of capital-ism and civilization that the self destructive human species has created.

Because we are lovers of life and non-human animals are an example of wild and true life away from institutions and chains, we have failed. After we have done our criticism, out of true love for them or respect, with conscience, not by enthroning them as another form of idolization, not compassion, not feelings of superiority or pity that possess the slaves, we will leave all of these to the animal welfare circuses and all of those that negotiate with the enemy for crumbs of “freedom”.

Why to protect the earth? Because it is the only true and natural environment. The only one that is needed for life to go on without chains. A part of true and infinite chaos. Chaos cannot be described precisely. It is the ultimate balance in the physical world and the ultimate destruction for the forced civilization. It does not have anything to do with “equality” which is a totally abstract concept for me. So having the above in mind, then and only then can somebody perceive truly the earth and the physical world as an integral part of existence and not as a monolithic entity as civilization teaches us. Not even through biocentrism which I deny and reject as well. No entity, no ideology, no gods, no morality.

The protection of the earth for me can only be through attack on every structure of civilization, with as much power as one possesses…



From the zine Actualising Collapse