Greece: “Abstinence from the referendum – In conflict with the institutions of democracy”


The Greek state is looking for accomplices. The referendum is the best way to find them. By generously offering illusions of free will and making us contribute to its project of reinforcement, its craziest desire is materialized: We will be the ones sealing our own tombstone! The dilemma is simple: Yes or no? Bad foreign loaners or good left management of the State? Heavy or light memorandum?

Measures costing 12 billion or 8 billion? Another chance to put our lives in the hands of the government and saviors. Another opportunity for national unity. To forget what divides us and unite with the motley crowd (fascists, patriots, bosses, good citizens) in order to face the common external enemy, the loaners, in this way relieving the local bosses of responsibility.

As anarchist students we choose to abstain from the referendum (although we have no right to vote). We oppose the systemic dilemmas and illusions and we clarify in advance that we will not participate in any electoral, institutional, government procedure. Because quite simply, any such process and each option given to us through this, aims to stabilize the system and to preserve -expand the state-national-institutional domination. Nevertheless, we do not support abstinence as an alternative or a third way because we believe that abstinence alone as an option leads to passivity and assimilation.

So, based on the aforementioned way of thinking, the only abstinence that satisfies us is that which comes as a result of conflict, insurrectionary action and anarchist struggle. Far from parties and party lines. Far from saviors and leaders. Self-organized, radical and aggressive. For only then can we take our lives in our own hands.


anarchist students group Anti-educational Attack