Class War picket of the misogynist Ripper museum (video) London


Rich scumbag Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe duped people into believing he would be opening a museum celebrating the history of East End women. Instead, he unveiled a lurid spectacle about a serial killer and mutilator of sex workers, on the site of a historic battle in which women fought the British Union of Fascists alongside their male comrades.

A couple of demos took place outside the venue this week – the week the site was due to open it’s doors – one of which resulted in a window being smashed and the road being blocked (video here). Yesterday it was reported that the door panes had been put through and that the museum had not yet opened for business. Another picket is planned for next Wednesday at 6pm – get down there if you can and shut down the Museum of Misogyny before it welcomes it’s first customers.

For more background, have a listen to Martin, who puts the Ripper museum in the context of other struggles in the area.