Greece: TEI Athens occupied in solidarity with Nikos Romanos, Evi Statiri & Athena Tsakalou


13.09.15: Today anarchists have begun an occupation of the Technological Education Institute of Athens in solidarity with Nikos RomanosEvi Statiri and Athena Tsakalou.

The occupiers are demanding that prison authorities grant Nikos Romanos the educational leave that he is entitled to – recall that the comrade was granted educational leave by the Greek government following his 31 day hunger strike in late 2014. Many months later and the prison authorities are still stalling and refusing to grant him the leave.

The occupiers are also demanding the immediate release of Evi Statiri who is still being held hostage by the Greek state for the ‘crime’ of being the life partner of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire member Gerasimos Tsakolos and for the restrictive conditions imposed against Athena Tsakalou, the mother of CCF members Gerasimos and Christos Tsakolos, to be lifted.

The occupiers released a communique explaining the reasons for their action HERE (Greek language).

Solidarity with the occupiers of TEI Athens!

Direct granting of educational leave for Nikos Romanos!

Immediate release of Evi Statiri!

Immediate lifting of the restrictions against Athena Tsakalou!