Stop Britain First: Racists Out Of Burton!


17 october 2015
at 12:00 in UTC+01
Burton Upon Trent
Heads up in case you aren’t from Burton: the Marmite theme is because it’s made there!

Listen to the ghosts of Cable Street…
…let the boots do the talking.

=== Travel to Burton ===
Midlands Antifascists aren’t putting on transport, because is slap-bang in the middle of where we’re most active.

Derby: 10 minutes (towards Birmingham)
Birmingham: 30 minutes (towards Nottingham)
Nottingham: 35-40 minutes (towards Birmingham)
Leicester: 35-45 minutes (changing at Derby)
Stoke: 1hr 15 minutes (changing at Derby)
Coventry: 1hr 15 minutes (changing at Birmingham)
Sheffield: 55 minutes (changing at Derby)

BY ROAD: Well come on, that’s what sat-nav’s for…

=== CALL-OUT ===

Britain First and other racist groups are again targeting the Midlands, in order take advantage of the history of racial-diversity, and the lack of established, effective anti-fascist organisation in the region.

=== Background on Golding’s goons ===

Britain First want to march on Burton to oppose what they’re calling a “super-mosque” being opened in the town. Yes that’s right, it’s mosques again, and like usual it’s gonna be the “biggest” in Europe. Like many places in the Midlands, Burton is racially diverse and just as in similar towns, Golding’s goons think they can play on insecurities to divide us, whip-up mistrust, and further their racist agenda, and that of the ruling class.

The group has gone largely unopposed on the streets of places like Derby and Chesterfield, where they have staged smaller, impromptu marches, although many locals were openly disgusted at their presence. Burton will be a bigger, more ambitious and aggressive march, with many of their right-wing and fascist supporters arriving by train and bus, posing a real, physical danger to non-whites in the town, especially those who may be thought to be Muslim. It’s clear Britain First see places like Burton as easy targets for their vile message and it’s time we sent them a clear message: “Fascists are not welcome here!”

=== Our opportunity, our challenge! ===

By calling this demo, Britain First have given us an excellent opportunity to organise ourselves in the Midlands, so let’s give them their dues. Getting our act together in the Midlands (and nationally) and putting together a solid mobilisation will be crucial in helping to consolidate local antifascist groups not only in Burton, but also in towns and cities including (but not limited to) Birmingham, Stoke, Coventry, Nottingham, Derby and Leicester.

One of our aims is to not be ‘Midlands Antifascists’ forever, only keeping ‘Midlands’ as a network of local groups. We’re asking people to build on the success of stopping the ‘White Man March’ in Liverpool, and self-organise, joining us and others setting-up local antifascist groups in the Midlands, with support from ourselves if needed.

Until everything’s perfect, see you in the streets!

Link for the Staffordshire Trades Council event here: