Stop the EDL in Aylesbury! (18 october 2015)


Stop the EDL in Aylesbury!

The racist English Defence League (EDL) plan to march through the centre of Aylesbury on Saturday 10 October, cynically hijacking child abuse cases in Aylesbury and elsewhere to spread racist hatred and divide our communities along ethnic lines.

By focusing only on the race of perpetrators in specific instances of child sexual abuse, the EDL are trying to capitalise on the failure of government and local authorities to protect victims, particularly working-class girls. We support all survivors of abuse, regardless of the race of victim or abuser. The EDL is run by racist and violent thugs who make no attempt whatsoever to help survivors of abuse, but will attack black and Asian people if they are allowed to march unopposed.

All residents of Aylesbury should be able to live and work without fear of racist abuse or attack. Let’s show the EDL that they are not welcome here by mobilising as many people as possible in the town centre, ready to defend the town against racist hatred.

No EDL in Aylesbury!