South London Scum present: Warwound + Split Veins + Indecent Assault + High Value Product @ the Dev


@ The Dev


33 Kentish Town Road, London, NW1 8NL, United Kingdom

October 10th 2015

(Vintage D-beat hardcore punk)

Formed in the Midlands in 1982 by Damian Thompson & drummer Andy Baker, WARWOUND spat & cursed out three demos of fast, no bullshit, hardcore punk. 1983 Damian & Andy were enlisted to join The Varukers, during which time they recorded two WARWOUND numbers which featured on the classic Varukers album ‘Another religion, Another War’. For over 30 years, original WARWOUND demo tapes have been copied & circulated many times through underground circles of D-beat noise enthusiasts, and now they’re back!

Brand new WARWOUND album already written and due for release in early 2016! 18 brand new mind crushing tracks, provisionally titled ‘Children of War’! Also the keenly awaited early demo’s album has hit the earth like an atomic bomb.. courtesy of Profane Existence Official, Organize & Arise (USA) & Boss Tuneage (Europe).

WARWOUND 2015: D-Beat Deliverance with a lethal new line up, LIVE & LOUD!
Damian Thompson-Guitar:( Varukers. Sacrilege
Rat Varuker-Vocals: The Varukers / Discharge/ The Vile.
Ian Glasper –Bass: Decadence Within/Stampin Ground/Suicide Watch/Burnside/Flux of Pink Indians.
Stevie James- Drums: Hellkrusher/Senile Decay/The fiend/Dogsflesh/The Vile.

(ugly noises from a psychedelic hardcore trip)

Split Veins are a new London band who feature two thirds of Nailbiter and continue on with their perfected mix of Japanese meets Swedish influenced hardcore.

(Black Country Anarcho Punk Legends against the pricks with more bile than before!!)

UK punk band formed in the mid-1980s, based in Dudley in the Black Country of the West Midlands. The group issued 2 EPs on their own Reaganstein label in 1986 and 1987. The first EP has since become a much sought-after item, featuring four songs that blend anarcho-inspired lyrics across a backdrop of tuneful, sing-along punk anthems. The band discontinued shortly after the second EP was released but then started again in 2005, once more gigging regularly and writing and recording brand new material.

(London high octane, lead-heavy rock’n roll)

Forming in early 2015, HVP feature musicians from a number of lesser known London-based punk and metal bands (OiZ II Men, Sepuku, Ad Undas) playing nasty, thrashing punk ‘n’ roll in the decrepit veins of
Poison Idea, Cro-mags, the Germs, Leatherface, Venom, Discharge, Sheer Terror, etc. Mothers will love ‘em.

@ The Devonshire Arms
33 Kentish Town Rd, CAMDEN NW1 8NL