ANARCHY n. 1/3/4/5/23/40/118

Anarchy #001


The first issue of Anarchy magazine from March 1961.


  • Rescuing Galbraith from the conventional wisdom
  • Sex-and-violence and the origin of the novel – Alex Comfort
  • Education, equality, opportunity – John Ellerby
  • The ‘new wave’ in Britain – Nicholas Walter
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Anarchy #003


ssue of Anarchy from May 1961.


  • A Notebook in South Africa – Maurice Goldman
  • Africa and the future – Jeremy Westall
  • Culture and Community – Nicholas Walter
  • Removal of Guilt – Anthony Weaver
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Anarchy #004


Issue of Anarchy magazine from June 1961.


  • Where the shoe pinches: a discussion of ‘de-institutionalization’ – Colin Ward
  • Conflicting strains of anarchist thought – George Molnar
  • Africa & the future: A comment – J.E.
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Anarchy #005


Issue of Anarchy magazine from July 1961 primarily about the Spanish Civil War.


  • Brenan’s Spanish Labyrinth – Marie Louise Berneri
  • The Congress of Zaragoza – Philip Holgate
  • Some Conclusions on the Spanish Collectives – Gaston Leval
  • A Peasant Experiment in Anarchist-Communism – H E Kaminski
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Anarchy #023


Issue 23 of Anarchy magazine from January 1963 on housing and direct action.

Housing and helplessness (John Ellerby)
Do it yourself (Ian Nairn)
Miners who run their own pit (Douglas Stuckey)
Direct action for houses: the story of the squatters (Colin Ward)
We built our own (Harry Deverson)
What hope for housing societies? (Tristram Shandy)
Bethnal Green: a museum of housing (Colin Ward)
A man’s ambition must be small (Jack Robinson)
John Rae and the myths of war (Arthur Uloth)

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Anarchy #040: The unions and workers’ control


ssue 40 of Anarchy magazine from June 1964 on the unions and workers control.


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Anarchy #118: the meaning of work today and tomorrow

The last issue of Anarchy magazine from December 1970 with articles about work at the time and in the future.


  • Work and surplus – Keith Paton
  • Work and culture – George Gardstein
  • Getting rid of toil – Jeremy Hunt
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