Chile – Writing of Anarchist Comrade Nataly Casanova for a Black December


Combative memory defines us as individuals taking a stand in our negation of the existent, forces us to push the memory of our fallen comrades beyond reflecting on how they were snatched from us, bringing them into our everyday lives in many forms and individual initiatives without giving in to resignation in the face of death or to oblivion.

To bring new life to their insurgent lives, through actions, also to remind those who took their lives that the comrades live in each one of us and that we will always despise the role of those who chose to become defenders of the present system of dominion.
The guard who murdered Angry has been turned into a citizens’ hero, he who without even thinking about it became responsible for that murder. This mercenary who
honoured his own institution is stained with the blood of our loved one, we all
know that. Just as we know that any servant (defender of order) could do the same as William Vera [the piece of shit that killed Angry, crocenera note], we can observe their movements as they kill or imprison anyone who dares touch the sacred property of the rich, their houses, cars, shops and anything they put on show, including their cherished money. We who are far from the logic of power, know that the loss of our dear ones can never be forgotten, their lives are full of meaning and beauty, ideas and coherence, and in them many desires and tensions merge.
It is not just in the territory dominated by the Chilean State that we have seen our
loved ones fall in the struggle: this reality repeats itself all over the world at the hands of the perpetrators of order and their lackeys; for this reason we also carry the memory of the comrade Alexandros Grigoropoulos, murdered by another disgusting cop defender of order in Greece (the Pig Epameinondas Korkoreas), a comrade who was taken back from death to live in our creative and destructive impulses, thus
generating the response and the advancement of the multiform insurrectional wave in that country, attacking the normality that contributes to the preservation of dominion day by day. Out of that response and advance arose beautiful experiences of struggle that found an echo in various parts of the world, destroying the borders of Capital through actions, giving life and continuity to the struggle against every form of power and authority.
We won’t be part or accomplices of those who have taken the lives of our comrades, with their guns or prison walls. Nor with those who destroy the earth and its inhabitants to maintain their parasitic existence. We will take back our lives with every step, breaking and putting in doubt the dominant morality and any attempt to put obstacles in the way of our ideas and actions. We are not their slaves, we won’t be enchanted by the fantasies of consumerism or technology that serve to alienate life.
The restlessness that lurks in rebel hearts and minds thirsting for freedom, deniers of every authority, is the most dangerous weapon. Their potential will be determined
only by their will.
All my love and strength to comrade Sol Malén. To your coherence and beauty, !!you’re always present!!
To Freddy Fuentevilla, Marcelo Villarroel and Juan Aliste, their lives in the struggle with love and rebellion give us strength !!You feel the whip!!
To Hans Niemeyer, his strength and clarity! Wishing you’ll be soon with your
loved ones!!
To Alejandro Astorga, his contribution and attitude against capital.
To Joaquin and Kevin, a hug in complicity. Be strong, the bastards can’t do anything
against your beauty and clarity.
To Juan Flores, Enrique Guzmán.
To Ignacio.
To Sergio, Fabian, Klaudio, Manuel, Felipe, Amaru, Natalia, María Paz.
To Mónica and Francisco.
To Marco Camenisch.
 To Klaudio Lavazza, to the prisoners in Mexico, Spain, Italy and Greece.
To the compas of the CCF, prison cell. Olga Ekonomidou, Michalis Nikolopoulos,
Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Haris Hadjimihelakis, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Christos
Tsakalos, Giorgos Polidoros, Panagiotis Argirou, Damiano Bolano, Theofilos
To Nikos Romanos.
To Each prisoner who struggles for freedom in their own way.
In memory of the comrades fallen in the clash; Mauricio Morales, Klaudia Lopez, Johny Cariqueo, Matías Catrileo, Alex Lemún, Jaime Mendoza Collio, Javier
Recabarren, Jorge Saldivia, Sebastián Overluij, Alexandros Grigoropoulos, Xosé
Tarrió and Severino.
Down with the walls of civilized society!
Nataly Casanova.
San Miguel
From croceneranarchica.
Source: Publicacion Refractario 
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now