5 FEB We’re Still Here : Anti Fascist Prisoner Support Whip Round And Pissup


Anti Fascism is a tough job but someone has to do it.

We will be hosting this particular evening at The Old Laurel. It will be full of merryment, song, raffles and games to raise money for our lad Kim’s commisary fund. Kim is a son of Hamilton, Ontario currently residing in the UK. While attending a demonstration against a fascist march in London England, a physical confrontation erupted and Kim along with several others, were arrested in relation to the beating of fascists. As of January 2016, Kim was charged and sentenced to two months in prison as a result of the incident.

To help support Kim while he serves his sentence, as well as for when he gets released, he needs funds. We will be sending all money raised to him to help him get by.

If you’re interested in throwing some funds his way, but cannot make the even get in touch by contacting: jailsolidarity1312@gmail.com

If you would like to write to Kim, send your letters to: writetokiminlondon@gmail.com (responses will be scanned and emailed back).

Cheers and as always DFTS

fundraiser pub night at The Laurel in Toronto, Canada