Financial office of the Greek Church redecorated

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People going by the name the ‘Sword of Damokles’ redecorated the financial management office of the Greek Church in Thessaloniki today. The symbolic action, carried out with paint and a fire extinguisher, gave the priests’ walls a thick covering of red paint. The statement published after the action gave several reasons for targeting the church which throughout its history has often been one of the pillars of reaction in Greece.

Going all the way back to the founding of the Greek State in the 1820s the hierarchy of the Greek Church was somewhat hostile to the revolution against the Ottoman Empire, contrary to later myth making, as it feared losing its privileged position under the Sultans.

From then on the Church sought to secure its position at the top of society by supporting the nationalism of the Greek State. The statement lists a number of the financial and tax benefits the Church still receives from the state including its recent exemption from capital controls. Adding to this history is the Church’s role as a prominent voice of reaction against immigrants, refugees and same sex relationships as well as its ongoing threats against the Orfanotrofeio squat in Thessaloniki.