Anti-fascist prisoner Kim doing two months jail time – UK


More about the case:
Raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Kim is an anarchist, political organizer, local shit- disturber, and all around solid human being. An indispensible member of the community, he’s been involved in everything from anti-police struggles to workplace organizing, from anarchist publishing to anti-racism work and so much more.

Seeking to explore and gain experience of struggle elsewhere, Kim moved to London, England two years ago. Immediately throwing himself into political work abroad, he became active in various London-based projects. A committed anti-fascist, Kim quickly became a staple in the London antifa scene. Organizing to confront all manifestations of contemporary fascism, he routinely participated in counter-demonstrations to disrupt the gatherings of fascists.
At one such demonstration, a physical confrontation erupted and Kim along with several others, were arrested in relation to the beating of fascists. As of January 2016, Kim was charged and sentenced to two months in prison as a result of the incident.
To help support Kim while he serves his sentence, as well as for when he gets released, he needs funds. If you’re interesting in providing support (anything is appreciated!), check out one of the several upcoming fundraising events in Hamilton.
If you’re interested in throwing some funds his way, but cannot make any of the events get in touch by contacting:
If you would like to write to Kim, send your letters to: (responses will be scanned and emailed back)