11 women, killed in Cizre, buried



AMED – As 66 citizens who were killed in Cizre’s basement, were identified and buried, there were 11 women among them. 11 women were sent off on an eternal journey in their hometowns.

Many citizens were killed in Cizre’s “basements of savagery”. A crisis desk was formed to identify the dead bodies by the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), the Mesopotamia Association of Assistance and Solidarity for Families with Lost Relatives (MEYA-DER) and Mesopotamia Lawyers Association (MHD). The crisis desk reported that 178 dead bodies have been retrieved to hospitals so for. 13 dead bodies were buried in the cemetery of the nameless in Şırnak by state forces.

178 bodies were sent to different cities in Turkey. 78 of them were sent to Habur, 13 to Şırnak, 28 to Urfa, 20 to Antep, 17 to Mardin, 16 to Cizre and 6 bodies were sent to Malatya. 66 bodies have been buried until now. 12 of them have been identified but they haven’t been buried yet. 101 bodies have waited to be identified.

There were 11 women among the 66 bodies identified. 11 women were buried in their hometowns. Dersim Aksay was buried in the Ömerli district of Mardin, Berjin Demirkaya and Derya Koç were buried in Erzurum, Tuba Eminoğlu, Sakine Şiray and Güler Eroğlu were buried in Batman, Emel Dağhan was buried in Siirt, Nursel Dalmış was buried in Silopi, Fatma Demir was buried in Savur, Sultan Irmak was buried in Silvan and Mevlüde Özalp was buried in Cizre.