Nazis cornered and completely humiliated in Liverpool


Today less than 50 Nazis, including members of “North West Infidels” and “National Action”, were cornered by over 500 angry Liverpudlians and other antifascists, protectively kettled by riot police, and pelted with milk, eggs, bottles, cobblestones, fireworks, and scorn.

The North West Infidels had announced a hate demo in Manchester. Then, in what they must have thought a cunning tactical manouver, they switched venue at the last minute and announced a meet-up in Liverpool at 2PM. They seem to have forgotten their Liverpool outing last August, when National Action were forced to hide in the left luggage office at Lime Street Station.

Today some of the brainless aryans gathered in the Crown Hotel near Lime Street station, where they were surrounded by antifascists. A heavy police presence kept the nazis safe as hundreds of people gathered to jeer them. A hundred metres or so up Lime Street, the saviours of the white race assembled with their banners at the top of the steps on St Georges Hall. The surrounding crowds grew, the nazis were clearly going no further, and only Merseyside police stood between them and a sound thrashing.

Cornered at St George’s Hall, the police put the nazis in a protective kettle and formed a cordon with dogs and riot shields to save them from the crowd below. Eggs, milk, bottles, cobblestones, fireworks, etc., rained down on the fash. As the crowd seemed about to break through the police guard, the cops pushed the nazis back into a still tighter kettle up against the building, where they could no longer be seen, lost behind their ring of blue defenders. Total humiliation.

Around 5 o’clock, riot cops with dog units and mounted police managed to escort the nazis back to the station, as missiles continued to hail down on them.

For many video clips and more photos see:


Locked in the pub.


Nazis assemble on the steps of St George’s Hall.


Nazis up close.


NW Infidels.


Sieg heil.


Sieg heil.


Police protect the nazis.


Nazis pushed back into tight kettle; missile detritus.


Back to the station.



Mess left by the Nazis.