Again grubbing work in the forest!

Evil Acidhead


Today, the last day on which RWE, stipulated in applicable laws, is allowed to deforest, they get going vigorously once more.
The clearing work is in full swing and both security guards and police in riot gear are in large numbers in the forest and on the former A4. Helicopters are circling and dog squads patrol the forest trails. Timber transporters leave the cleared area in large numbers.

The details from the police units, why they are in the forest fluctuate, vary depending from the officer in question:

  • We are simply here
  • We are here to prevent acts of violence from both sides
  • We are here to secure the clearing work
  • We are here because police units were attacked

Statements at the end of the live ticker

Come by if possible and support the forest occupations!

Live Ticker:

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10:45 pm All is “quiet” again. We go back into the offline mode now.

10:35 pm The detained person is out again.

9:00 pm Police withdrew from the forest and from the surroundings of the meadow.

8:00 pm According to statements by the cops, the person (see below) will be deported to the police station in Düren – Come to the police station!
Kreispolizeibehörde (District police authority) Düren, Aachener Str. 28, 52349 Düren, Phone: +49 2421 9490

7:45 pm Apparently the obvious siege of the meadow is terminated for the time being – but still many cops in the forest!
Come along for a walk into the forest and make your own picture, but take care of yourselves!

7:40 pm – The person who saved themselves at Jesus point (here once stood a wayside cross) into the ropes, was taken into custody – it’s still unclear into which station.

7:09 pm The meadow is still encircled, cops illuminate the place from time to time. A police van stucks in the mud – not the first one on that day :)
Bizarre, dangerous, reckless: a cop with many stars on his badge struts with a World War II dud on his shoulder to his colleagues and presents enthusiastically his discovery – what a jerk!

6:25 pm The cops knock over the tripod at Jesus Point – here too, the person managed to get away on the the traverses above the tripod.

6:05 pm A tripod is knocked over by police – the person on the “Sky Pod” can flee savely to the “Walkway”. The whole area is surrounded by cops.

5:55 pm The cops try to knock over the tripod at the motorway exit. It is connected to the “Sky Pod”, on which there is a person. Thus they endanger seriously the life of this person!

5:40 pm More and more riot cops at Jesus Point and the nearby tree occupation as well as at blockade of the ancient motorway. Press is on site.

5:20 pm 8 cops’ vans and a security car at the hangar (des kleinen Flugplatzes neben der Wiesenbesetzung of the small airfield next to the meadow occupation), 11 cops’ vans at Jesus Point (Crossroad and blocked point on the way to tree occupations)

4:40 pm Several trees with protective images of the art action are cut. People who set out to forest and meadow must pass through police checkpoints.

The one who was attacked by a dog suffered minor bite wounds and is still slightly shocked.

4:55 pm People in a cops’ van observe the entrance of the meadow. 15 armored cops block the access to the forest.

4:20 pm A dog is released to an activist and the activists are followed to the meadow occupation. Now there are 10-15 cops and security guards on the edge of the meadow, taking pictures.

3:00 pm The tripod on the way to Morschenich is removed.

  • >
  • Domination and oppression are not just there and they are not without alternative
  • … and therefore they go on the side of the security guards through the forest, and they put legal injustice by force
  • … was today the last day on which is cleared?
  • … until now there is from the action groups no information on attacks on cops on this day