Hambach Forest: Solidarity to imprisoned Sarah and Huba (Germany)


After the courtcase of LAUtonomia activist Sarah on the 22 of March at the court district of Cottbus our compa Huba got arrested. Sarah was released and got arrested straight away again for something else but we do not have the info on why and for what. Sarah was in jail for a month for not giving ID after getting caught shoplifting. When leaving the courtroom civil cops and the screws hold Huba at the door and confronted him with a warrant for his arrest. The same day he saw a judge in Cottbuss. He came as a spectator for the court case and left in hand-cuffs.

Right now he is in the JVA Wriezen and will be transported to Aachen this week. He is charged with violent assault that allegedly happened the 11 of November in the cutting area of the Hambach forest.

We do not know how long it will take for Huba to arrive in Aachen. prisoner transport normally takes quite a long time. Huba will be transported from prison to prison where he will be put in one person cells with no access to books, sports or other things that you would normally get when you are in jail. when arriving in Duren he will be seeing another judge.

We do not know how this is going to develop, what we do know is that this tactic of accusing activists of violent assault is very common in the Rhineland region (Hambach forest). These confrontations with security and police are not filmed and the activists get accused of all sorts of stuff and then need to prove their innocence and stay in jail until the court case which can take months. This shit is getting fucking old and also annoying. Our comrades get run over by jeeps, get their noses broken, get beat up in the copshop, do not get to see doctors, all of this from the side of freaking RWE, and their fucking rented army of dumb security
douche-bags, backed up by the cops. these evil companies and people are protecting one of Europe biggest Co2 emitter (RWfuckingE) that are killing the freakin planet.
and now they started to call us terrorists.

You can post letters to Huba to the WAA and when there will be a post address available they will send the letters to the prison. When there is more information about Sarah we will make this known. but for now:

Send letters, make actions, be creative, write a song, talk about this stuff, get involved in struggle or campaign.

ABC Rhineland

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None are free until all are free