Banners and broadsheets in solidarity with anarchist Osman Evcan throughout Greece

Since the 22th of February 2016, anarchist Osman Evcan who is imprisoned in Turkey, started the 3rd hunger strike in a year with the spiking demand of the vegan alignment right in prison, as well as demands regarding the custodial conditions in the high security prisons of Silivri No:6 L Type.
In order to promote the comrade’s struggle, many broadsheets have been glued and banners were dropped in Patras, Thessaloniki and Chania, as well as a poster from the «Alogomiges»(which means horsefly) collective


Immediate satisfaction of the demands of anarchist hunger striker since 22/2 Osman Evcan, who is incarcerated in Turkish prisons



From Greece to Turkey, Demolition of prisons. Fire to authorityStrength to anarchist Osman Evcan4-768x576
Strength to the anarchist hunger striker Osman Evcan. Until the demolition of every cell/cage, NO ONE IS FREE


Victory in the struggle of anarchist hunger striker(since 22/2) Osman Evcan who is claiming a dignified living inside the purgatories of Turkey


STRENGTH TO ANARCHIST OSMAN EVCAN Vegan anarchist Osman Evcan is on hunger strike since 22/2 in the Turkish prisons of Silivri. This is the 3rd hunger strike during this year, and the 4th one in a continuous struggle since 2011 inside the Turkish cells against all forms of incarceration. Osman Evcan by setting his life in danger is fighting for himself but also for all prisoners against the oppressive tactics of Turkish prisons, that are about naked body search, solitary confinement, cameras in cells, which are being constantly destroyed by Osman, banning of letters and visitors and blocking vegan food. UNCOMPROMISING STRUGGLE AGAINST ALL FORMS OF INCARCERATION. UNTIL THE TOTAL LIBERATION. Alogomiges Collective


Victory in the struggle of the vegan anarchist Osman Evcan who is on hunger strike since 22/2. AGAINST ALL FORMS OF INCARCERATION


Strength to the anarchist Osman Evcan who is on hunger strike since 22/2. UNTIL THE DESTRUCTION OF EVERY CELL/CAGE. Krakatoa Collective


Solidarity to anarchist Osman Evcan, imprisoned in Turkey who is on hunger strike since 22/2. Struggle until the demolition of every prison. Krakatoa Collective

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