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We’re super-excited to share with y’all news of a new anti-authoritarian book & zine distro starting up this spring in St. Louis, MO. Black Rose Books & Zines will be a de-centralized, non-profit project to put some of our favorite radical books into broader circulation in the StL-area.

We’ve partnered with a few friendly local queer & punk venues to keep our costs down and keep the project spread out across town, and will be selling books at near-wholesale prices (just enough to cover costs and keep the project sustainable) so we can make these great books, which have so profoundly touched & inspired riotous moments of transformation in our own lives, available to readers as affordably as possible. We’re hoping to spark some dialogue, passionate debate, and just maybe help inspire a new round of direct action in & around StL.

We were really pleasantly surprised earlier this month to raise our meager $250 fundraising goal in just shy of a week, to cover our startup costs (initial inventory + printing costs for signage, fliers), so we’ve decided to extend our fundraiser another couple weeks so hopefully we can double the number of titles available at the grand opening of our first StL location, May 1st 2016.

If you wanna help out, please tell your friends about us & share the link to our fundraiser and, only if you can spare a little $, donate whatever you can. We’re running on a razor-thin budget so every little bit seriously helps! We’re linking our fundraiser, as well as our twitter & facebook pages, and our RiseUp email below: