Vote Swain for Revolution in 2016


I’m Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain, and I’m running for president. As far as I know, I’m the only presidential candidate who has been completely silenced by the FBI, forced to smuggle communications out of prison. And for good reason. My only campaign promise is to remain in office only for ninety days, with the expressed aim to abolish the United States, once and for all. Yep. I promise to take this motherfucker down.

The idea is, we can all conspire to highjack one election and toss swivelization on the trash-heap of history where it belongs.

Fuck hierarchy. We deserve better.

My stylish campaign t-shirts are currently on sale at the PDX ABC website. Just in case I lose the election to one of the corporate-party fascist fuckweasels, which is very likely if I don’t get your support, you can then use the t-shirt to make a homemade balaclava and get business done.

And speaking of fascist fuckweasels, I will soon announce my challenge to republican front-runner Donald Trump to meet me in the ring for a no-holds-barred tables-ladders-and-chairs Texas cage match, submission only. Fascists talk tough, but I promise you that if Trump gets in the ring with me, I’ll crush him. I’ll take him out with a suplex from the top of the turnbuckle. I’ll hurt him so bad, that dead badger he wears on his head will re-animate and run away.

You can check out my written work at and catch my radio segments on The Final Straw Radio Show.

I’m enclosing a flier with my ugly mug on it, from an anarchist gathering after the crack-down on dissent in Spain, and the design for the campaign t-shirt, also including my ugly mug. I’ll enclose a resume so that anarchists everywhere know they can trust me to take the whole system down if elected, and to continue struggling to take the whole system down if I’m not.

The truth is dangerous.

Stay dangerous.

Freedom or death,


Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain

Candidate for President, 2016