A look inside Black and Green Review no 3!

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Black and Green Review no 3 is press-bound. More info coming very soon, but here’s what we’re looking at: 216 pages of top notch anti-civilization discussions, essays, and bravado.
Here’s a quick run through:

  • The Wind Roars Ferociously: Feral Foundations and the Necessity of Wild Resistance by Four Legged Human. No other essay embodies “wild existence, passionate resistance” more than this.
  • The Sacred Sunrise by Ian Smith. Finding the sacredness of the wild in the beauty of everyday experiences.
  • Green Light of Life by Charly Aurelia. A short piece on Resurrection in the digital age.
  • Decadence and the Machine by John Zerzan: A look at the Decadent movement of the late 19th century and its correlations to contemporary malaise.
  • Hooked on a Feeling: The Loss of Community and the Rise of Addiction by Kevin Tucker. An in-depth overview and analysis of the role of community in mitigating tension and celebrating the wild and how it becomes supplanted in the domestication process leading to a rise of intoxication and how civilization is built upon addiction.
  • Adding to the Noise by Ian Smith. Are we merely creating content for the machine?
  • Some Thoughts on Civilization and Collapse by Jeriah Bowser.
  • Zero Chill by Cliff Hayes. A look at the AI blunder of Microsoft’s Tay and what it says about the world that technology is creating.
  • Over the Barrel: An Interview with Richard Heinberg. An interview regarding peak oil, unconventional oil production and what $30 per barrel crude oil means about the collapse of civilization.
  • True Crime Case Files: Sabotage Against the Natural Gas Industry. A look at Wiebo Ludwig’s war against sour gas as well as pipeline and well sabotage.
  • Stop Waiting: An Interview with Josh Harper. Absolutely crucial interview with long time animal liberation activist Josh Harper on surviving prison and the Green Scare.
  • Informants and Information: An Interview with Lauren Regan. Necessary reading on how the role of informants and snitches within the Green Scare by its most notorious attorney and activist-advocate, Lauren Regan. Exposes the role of informants, the failure of security culture and how social media is a playground for government agencies and corporate spies.
  • Wild Resistance, Insurgent Subsistence: an Interview with BC green anarchists. An in depth interview with green anarchists in British Columbia focusing on native pipeline resistance, its strengths over typical eco-activist campaigns, and the importance of community and wild subsistence in anti-civilization resistance.
  • Field Work in the End Times, Part 3: An Anthropologist’s View of the Collapse. The last part of our interview with our anonymous anarcho-primitivist anthropologist friend on how collapse is playing out on the ground throughout the world and what it means to be an anthropologist during the collapse.
  • A review of Ted Koppel’s Lights Out by Story Teller. A lengthy examination of tips that Ted Koppel may have not intended on giving.
More info and essays to be posted very soon.

Black and Green Review #3