Greece: Latest update regarding Korydallos Prison


Today, this evening the prisoners Fabio Dousko and Nebiu Tony have set the solitary confinement area on fire in order to protest for them being there BUT also because they were being mocked for 10 days that they would be transferred. Responsible for this are the court attorney V.Marsioni -who admitted that Dousko is being held at solitary confinement unlawfully and told him «you’re fine here, what are you protesting for?»- and police sergeant V.Labrakis who was constantly pledging that this unlawful isolation will cease but the days kept passing by…

As soon as the fire was set, the political prisoners came out of the basement where they’re being held and set the mattresses on fire at the forecourt of the prison as a sign of solidarity. Because of the smoke that reached the second floor, the women held there came out as well at the yard. At the male prisons of Korydallos, A and D wings participated in the mobilization and stayed out of their cells. Cops arrived at the prisons where the transfer of the two prisoners was adjudicated to the prisons of Trikala and Grevena accordingly..

There was a commitment that no violence would be exercised to the 2 prisoners from the cops and at 10:30 they were the same time the prisoners in the A and D wing and at the basement of the political prisoners, went inside their cells..

This turn has to be a motive for thought regarding the dynamics of mobilization that have to be developed in the prisons away from the empty dithyrambs and defeatist syllogisms..