Orange County’s Anarchist Bookfair


A lot has been happening in coming together and planning for the 2nd Annual Orange County Anarchist Bookfair. This year, we will be bringing all the books, workshops and speakers to Fullerton Community College on May 7th, 2016! We are organizing to make sure that the 2nd Annual OC Anarchist Bookfair stays true to its roots; but, we are also excited to be bringing new information and resources to our community and comrades. Please help us in spreading the word, applying to facilitate a workshop, become a vendor, a volunteer (Forms are available on our FB Page) and DONATE!… However you are able to be involved is much appreciated.

In The Spirit of Total Resistance,

The Orange County Anarchist Bookfair Collective

We are a horizontally organized collective that came together to organize Orange County’s first ever anarchist bookfair. Ours is an intersectional anarchism opposing all structures of oppression. We are feminist, queer, gender non-conforming, indigenous, anti-capitalist people of color. The collective actively creates another world within the very navel of this otherwise rotting orange. We subvert popular assumptions of conservative Orange County by unabashedly and daringly imagining a radical alternative. We work to create safer spaces for critical engagement, reflection and accountability without the presence of the state and those who mouth its oppressive tongue. We celebrate the local history of resistance upon this stolen land. We take inspiration from Indigenous peoples fighting the terror of Junipero Serra, the jailhouse cry of Modesta Avila, the Citrus Strike of 1932 and the spirit of Santa Ana’s Black and brown youth protesting police violence in 1969. The collective wants to end all “isms” and phobias that perpetuate oppression in creating a new reality where many realities exist together.

Your donations will assist with speaker’s travel (mainly from Northern California), logistical costs (items needed for day-of IE additional chairs, tables, mantainence fees, waters, etc.), event and outreach materials (paper, flyers, supplies for children space and activities, workshops, etc.).. ANYTHING you can donate is much appreciated.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to meeting you at THE SECOND ANNUAL ORANGE COUNTY ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR.  

In the Spirit of Total Resistance,

The OC Anarchist Bookfair Collective