[Poster] Prisons in revolt, neighbourhoods in tension, the exploited are angry – let’s ATTACK on all fronts


Prisons in revolt, neighbourhoods in tension, the exploited are angry –
“Locked up like rats. The hygiene is deplorable, it stinks in the cells.” Since the beginning of the strike of the guards, which has lasted 13 days, the prisoners have not been out of their cells.
“No showers, no yard, no visits, no activities, sometimes not even food or medicine. There are some who fall ill, who get infections, who go crazy. Buried alive, 24 out of 24, left to rot.”

We are on the verge of a riot. “Everywhere, in all the jails, it is the same story. The prisoners are about to do the best thing they can do now: smash the cells and destroy the jails. In the prisons of Tournai, Arlon, Huy, Lantin, Andenne … incidents have already broken out: cells on fire, wings flooded, rampages in the corridors.”
“It’s unheard of.” This Saturday, May 7, a devastating mutiny shook the Merksplas prison in Antwerp. Entire wings were demolished and burned by the insurgent prisoners. Walls razed to the ground, fences down, sections vandalized.
Now is the time to act. The prisons are about to explode, the neighbourhoods are infested with soldiers and the cops are growling, the anger of the exploited is threatening to launch a new attack on the government.
Now is the time to act. Show your solidarity with the prisoners in revolt. Give your body and soul to your anger. Break habit of resignation. Throw a sublime challenge to power: the challenge of freedom and solidarity.
Translaed by Act for freedom now!