Repression for the World Cup – Brazil (video/foto)




Paramilitary riot police pretend to be protesters during a training exercise. (AFP Photo/Yasuyoshi Chiba)
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Jurnal Kontinum #6


Editor: Introduksi


Jong Pairez: Mengarungi Pembuluh Samudera

Karakteristik Zomia dalam kajian James Scott dan orang-orang Madagaskar dalam studi David Graeber, menginspirasi Jong Pairez untuk mengajukan proposal untuk mengkomunikasikan perjuangan-perjuangan otonom se Asia-Pasifik.
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International call for sabotage and direct action against the World Cup in Brazil


On June 12, 2014 begins the world football cup in Brazil, a sporting event which businesspeople, politicians, journalists and sympathizers eagerly await, some because of greed, others because of nationalist exacerbation, a World Cup that has the highest budget ever invested in history (over 600,000 million dollars, and the account is not even closed yet…).
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