Updates about the prisoners in Pyhäjoki and their treatment by the police


Reclaim the Cape -action week took place in Pyhäjoki 22.4.-1.5.2016 and dozens of people where detained by the police. 11 activists were arrested. Five of them were released in few days after the detention. After this, still six activists were kept in remand prison. One activist still remain in prison.
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Benefit show for Are Svatantrata


Rumah Api

Call for solidarity with arrested activist of critical mass


Critical Mass on 29 April in Minsk ended up with 6 people detained and a criminal case against one of it’s participants. Dmitry Polienko is accused of violence against policeman and others charged with minor offences. The trials for minor offences are schedules for 12 and 16 may.
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Her War: Women vs. ISIS (RT Documentary)

FULL 60 Minutes: Kurdish Female Fighters against ISIS – FEMALE STATE (extended un-aired footage)

FULL 60 Minutes: Kurdish Female Fighters against ISIS – FEMALE STATE PART 2 (un-aired footage)

Kurdish Female Fighters – A Day in Syria

Hunting ISIS With Kurdish Female Fighters [Documentary HD/Kurds]



Fast Vegan Raut


Controlled Existence



Sick Gore Suffer

Levák Bob



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Po necelých 17 rokoch organizovania koncertov v Žiari nad Hronom sme sa rozhodli našu aktivitu premiestniť do Lovčice – Trubín. Vysvetlenie je jednoduché robiť to čo nás baví tam kde žijeme. O tom ako to dopadne samozrejme rozhodneš aj Ty a už
dopredu ti ďakujeme za podporu.
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[12, 13, 14 Maig] IV Festival de Cinema Anarquista de Barcelona / Programació

popcorn  fcab16-web

Per fi, us esperem aquest cap de setmana a La Cinètika (L1 Fabra i Puig) per gaudir de crispetes i cinema crític!
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Privat piknik Kramp Fest (27/28 may 2016) slovenja


Friday 27.5.
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Malmö, Suecia: Peña solidaria “Impunidad y Prisión en Chile”


Actividad Solidaria para y por lxs compas prisionerxs en las cárceles de Chile!.
Desde esta geografía un grupo de latinoamericanos residentes en Malmö logran aunar fuerzas y organizar la Solidaridad como gesto revolucionario subversivo y anticapitalista.

Libertad a Tamara Sol, Freddy Fuentevilla, Marcelo Villarroel y Juan Aliste Vega. Presxs en Guerra a la Calle!