Violenta represión a manifestación por Chiloé en Santiago

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Antifa protest in Elefsina, Greece in solidarity to refugees and against fascists (23/4/2016)

Cd flamenco antirrepresivo

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Poster series: war against the racist police state


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MTL Counter-info designed the following posters to remember some of the special moments during the recent revolt against police in Montréal-Nord. Enjoy!

11 x 17″ | PDF

montréal counter-info

[Brasil] Kataklysma – Catecismo Revolucionário

Para baixar a música, acesse: Kataklysma


Dear friends here is a list of neonazi/ fascist webpages (Greece)





La breve etapa de los GARI: Toulouse 1974



Sin lugar a dudas el mejor titulo dentro de la trilogía en “De Memoria”. Un libro cargado de memoria, resistencia y subversión, conceptos básicos para quien pretenda enfrentar la miseria del Estado-Capital.
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Why is a Fascist Publishing House Releasing Books by Goldman, Berkman, and Kropotkin?


For anyone that has been looking at the problem of creeping fascism in the U.S. and Europe, National-Anarchism has become an entryist tool for the far right to move into otherwise far-left anarchist movements. National-Anarchism, a term coined by nationalist activist Troy Southgate, sees a form of “anarchism” where autonomous communities are created on the basis of things like race, ideology, or sexual orientation. Generally, they mix deep ecology and some post-left and anti-state politics with ultra-conservative social views, racial separatism, and a violent anti-Semitism. They attempt to appropriate anarchist symbols, organizing styles, and social structures, and you’ll often see them attempt to join in the black block at protests. There have been incidents over the years in the United States with National-Anarchist organizations attempting to gain entry into anarchist projects. The National Anarchist Tribal Alliance(NATA) of New York has made a fuss after being kicked out of the New York Anarchist Bookfair, as well as the now-defunct Bay Area National Anarchist(BANA) being booted out of San Francisco based events and attacked at actions. BANA tried to make a name for itself protesting the movie Machete, saying that it was anti-white, as well as protesting immigration and doing talks on the importance of “tribe.” Several National-Anarchists have joined things like the Traditionalist Youth Network and the Traditionalist Workers Party in California, joining together with classic Christian racists like Matthew Heimbach and Matt Parrot to develop a violent anti-immigrant movement.
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Για το εφετείο των 22 αναρχικών αγωνιστών που ξεκίνησε στις 20 Απρίλη