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Underground Russia: Revolutionary profiles and sketches from life


Sergei Stepniak (1882)

The Moscow Attempt

I. A Band of Hermits

Upon the outskirts of the old capital of Russia, just where that half Asiatic city, immense as the antique Babylon or Nineveh, is at last lost in the distance, and its houses, becoming fewer, are scattered among the market gardens and fields, and the immense uncultivated plains which surround it on all sides, as the sea surrounds an islet; on these outskirts is a little cottage, one story high, old, grimy with age, and half in ruins.

Although in a capital, this poor dwelling is not out of harmony with the district. The other houses round about have the same mean and rough aspect; and all this part of the immense city resembles a little village lost in the plains of Russia, rather than a district of one of the largest capitals in Europe. In summer, grass grows in the streets, so high that a cavalry regiment might exercise there; and in the rainy autumn, these streets are full of puddles and miniature lakes, in which the ducks and geese swim about.

There is no movement. From time to time a passerby is seen, and if he does not belong to the district the boys stare at him until be is out of sight. If by chance a carriage, or a hired vehicle, arrives in these parts, all the shutters, green, red, and blue, are hurriedly opened, and girls and women peep forth, curious to see such an extraordinary sight.

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1982 – 1984: La Epidemia Terrorista. Emile Henry – Ravachol.





    ¿Qué nos hace sentir hermanados a Mauricio Morales, compañero que cayó mientras transportaba un artefacto explosivo al cuartel de carabineros de Chile?, ¿y a Simón Radowitsky o Angiolillo?
¿Y a los no conocidos que han despreciado y desprecian al poder?
¿Qué nos hace sentir hermanados a los miles que sin acciones espectaculares rasguñan, rompen o fuerzan las cadenas?
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What is Authority?

El pogrom de Rusia en 1881-1882

Mikhail Bakunin


What is authority? Is it the inevitable power of the natural laws which manifest themselves in the necessary linking and succession of phenomena in the physical and social worlds? Indeed, against these laws revolt is not only forbidden – it is even impossible. We may misunderstand them or not know them at all, but we cannot disobey them; because they constitute the basis and the fundamental conditions of our existence; they envelop us, penetrate us, regulate all our movements, thoughts and acts; even when we believe that we disobey them, we only show their omnipotence.
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God and the State


Bakunin (1882)

 – I –

Who are right, the idealists or the materialists? The question once stated in this way hesitation becomes impossible. Undoubtedly the idealists are wrong and the materialists right. Yes, facts are before ideas; yes, the ideal, as Proudhon said, is but a flower, whose root lies in the material conditions of existence. Yes, the whole history of humanity, intellectual and moral, political and social, is but a reflection of its economic history.
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Kropotkin y la expropiación de los medios de producción


En 1882, en el periódico Le Révolte, el barbudo de la anarquía, Piotr Kropotkin, escribe el folleto “La expropiación”, tiempo después este mismo escrito apareció es la publicación Paroles d’un Révolte, para luego, posteriormente ser ampliado e incluido en su magnánima obra “La Conquista del Pan”.
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