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Rants, Essays and Polemics

Another shot of an ammonite, this time as close as I could get.  The results I got looked completely different, depending on the angle of the light. When light comes from above, the piece looks mostly brown and shiny (it is polished). When light comes from the side and you turn the piece, it sometimes gets transparent or it does look like stone.Created for MacroMondays - MetaphorsSpiral of life is a metaphor. Concepts that are hard to comprehend are often described in terms of space or motion. I went for a visual representation of the metaphor. And I think these animals who died so long ago aren't a bad representation for the beauty of life.

Notes: The following essays are not yet present from the original document.

  • Wild Sensuality – Rediscovering the Super-Abundance of Wild Nature

  • Child Molestation vs Child Love

  • A.I.D.S as a Dis-Ease

Rants: Essays and Polemics

“This book is dedicated to all Pansexual Pirates, Anarchic Adventurers, Mischievous Magicians, Chaotic Creators, Heroic Hermaphrodites, Delirious Deities, Prophetic Perverts, Orgasmic Outlaws, Androgynous Avatars, Beautiful Bandits, Erotic Elves, Demented Dreamers, Mad Moorish Mystics, Devine Dilinquents and Revelling Ranters. May your health, love and pleasure be yours always, grand creators of paradise.”

Feral Faun

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[Audiovisual] ‘Ni viejos, ni traidores’. Documental sobre ‘Action Directe’


Letters from Prison


Kuwasi Balagoon ( 1983-1985)

The Trial

April 12 1983 1983-1985

We’ve been dealing with the public movements so much with explaining our stance and perceptions that it has twisted me to the point where i’ve written very little suitable for publication for Bulldozer. Having to unify with M-L [Marxist-Leninist] and Nationalist and to defend the rights to nationalist aspirations have pulled me a bit out of line with my predilections…

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A brief history of the armed struggle of GRAPO in Spain

A brief history of the armed struggle of GRAPO in Spain1

GRAPO members arrested in 2007

The First of October Anti-fascist Resistance Groups (GRAPO) were formed in the summer of 1975. At that time twenty members of the Communist Party of Spain (reconstituted) -PCE(r)-, underground party formed five months before, carried out their first armed action against the fascist security forces. On 2nd August 1975 a couple of Civil Guard members (a repressive military police force) were shot in the centre of Madrid. One of them was dead and another one seriously injured. It was the first strike back of GRAPO against the wave of fascist-inspired terror known as the summer of terror.
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Sergi Rosés Cordovilla: Un esbozo de la historia del MIL


Nota Peste: A continuación se encuentra un breve repaso de la historia del Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación-Grupos Autónomos de Combate (MIL-GAC) comúnmente relacionados con el anarquismo. Si bien, tal como lo indica el autor del texto, el MIL se encuentra más bien relacionado con tradiciones marxistas heterodoxas, como el consejismo y el situacionismo, es una historia que nos parece interesante rescatar, toda vez que representa una tradición critica del vanguardismo en las organizaciones revolucionarias. El MIL, en tal sentido, significo un esfuerzo por un movimiento social con autonomía de clase y que apelaba a la auto-organización, en la Catalunya de los tiempos de Franco. A la vez, también es el antecedente de los Grupos de Acción Revolucionaria Internacionalista (GARI), grupos antiautoritarios del cual también haremos rescate de su historia próximamente.

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