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Lo zolfo, la bile e il fuoco


Guarda, c’è un individuo fermo in mezzo alla strada ed ha un’arma fumante in mano! Chi sarà mai? — Un temibile terrorista, non ci sono dubbi. — No, aspetta, indossa un’uniforme: è un bravo tutore dell’ordine…
Sono davvero poche le parole in grado di provocare uno sdegno pressoché unanime. Violenza è una di queste poiché richiama il sangue, il dolore e la morte: il nostro stomaco protesta, sommerso da un senso di nausea. Il che non impedisce a nessuno di noi di vivere in mezzo alla violenza, di giustificarla, di applaudirla, di impiegarla. Sia detto una volta per tutte, ogni sua condanna assoluta è un’autentica ipocrisia. Il mondo non sarà mai un convento dove impera la pace dei sensi e degli stomaci.

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In The Open Air — Notes on repression and related matters (en/it/fr)


A friend of Ludd

The notes that follow spring from a need: that of reflecting together on the current situation with the aim of finding the thread of a possible perspective. They are the fruit of various discussions in which the critical balance of past experience, the dissatisfaction with endeavors of struggle now going on and hope for existing potentialities blended together. They are not the line of one group in competition with another. Nor do they have any pretense or illusion of filling the voids — of life and projectual passion — with any more or less formal agreement on a few theses. If they contain unpleasant critiques, it is not for the sake of advancing them as an end in itself, but rather because I believe that it is still necessary to say unpleasant things. Like all the words in this world, they will only find an echo in those who feel a similar need. In short, a small basis for discussion in order to reach an understanding of what we can do, and with whom.

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Lettre de Claudio Lavazza (2004)



Lettre de Claudio Lavazza, écrite pour les deux jours contre la répression à Rome les 21-22 août 2004 — 28 juillet 2004

[Du module FIES de Huelva (espagne), une lettre du compagnon italien Claudio Lavazza, écrite pour les deux jours contre la répression à Rome les 21-22 août 2004 (il devait initialement se tenir un camping d’une semaine à Latina)]
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The Psychopathology Of Work (en/fr)


Work, now? Never, never. I’m on strike. – Arthur Rimbaud


Depersonalization and alienation from our deepest desires is implanted during childhood via school, church, movies, and TV, and soon reaches the point where an individual’s desire is not only a net of contradictions, but also a commodity like all the others. “True life” always seems to be just a bit beyond what a weekly paycheck and credit card can afford, and is thus indefinitely postponed. And each postponement contributes to the reproduction of a social system that practically everyone who is not a multimillionaire or a masochist has come to loathe.
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Grand Jury Investigations, FBI Harassment, and Your Rights


This zine is a compilation of articles from the animal liberation magazine No Compromise designed to help activists better understand and resist grand jury investigations. The topics addressed include tips for dealing with FBI and other law enforcement, an explanation of subpoenas and how to deal with them, protocol for dealing with snitches and informants, and how to organize against grand juries. While the texts are aimed at the animal liberation movement, the information is helpful for a wide range of activists.
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The Myth of Entrapment

jenny of Sacramento Prisoner Support

The Myth of Entrapment

The Eric McDavid case as a model for government misconduct in Green Scare prosecutions

The word entrapment conjures images of agent provocateurs, phone taps, and men in suits listening to fuzzy conversations in white vans down the street. But most of all, it feeds into the myth of justice in a system that is hell-bent on pursuing the malicious prosecution of any and all movements that dare to oppose it.

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GREEN ANARCHY Magazine (n.6 to n. 25)


An Anti-Civilization Journal of Theory & Action.

Issues listed are the issues which we have PDF’s of or have copies of to create PDF’s of. If you have PDFs of issues that are not listed, please email them to: AgainstLeviathan@gmail.com .

For physical copies of Green Anarchy, please go to the Green Anarchy website to order back issues or to subscribe to it.

–GA Issue 6  (summer 2001)
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“Parte de un recorrido”, con textos de Gabriel Pombo da Silva y otrxs.

portada parte recorrido

Recibo en el correo electrónico un interesante aporte de la mano de compas solidarixs que realizaron un opúsculo con textos de Gabriel Pombo da Silva e información sobre su caso, además de algún aporte de compas como Xosé Tarrío y otros. Un muy buen trabajo, con además buena maquetación e ilustraciones.

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