THE LEFT? NO THANKS! by John Zerzan


It isn’t that there’s no energy afoot in the world. On any given day on any continent, one can see anti-government riots; direct actions in support of animal liberation or to protect the earth; concerted efforts to resist the building of dams, superhighways, industrial installations; prison uprisings; spontaneous outbreaks of targeted vandalism by the fed-up and pissed-off; wildcat strikes; and the energy of countless infoshops, zines, primitive skills camps, schools, and gatherings; radical reading groups, Food Not Bombs, etc. The list of oppositional acts and alternative projects is very considerable.
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Letters from Kevan Thakrar from the isolation units of England (UK)


March 17

A secret world exists within the high security prison estate in England, known as the Close Supervision Centre (CSC) system. It is notorious amongst the few who know of it, a place only the most unfortunate men ever see. Reports of serious mistreatment and torture are routine from the victims detained within the CSC, but almost nothing is ever done about the biggest demonstration of inhumanity to take place in this country.
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revista verbo libertario


Decarga las revistas a continuación o escribenos a

Segunda Época


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Eco-Prisoner Rebecca Rubin Released!


Rebecca Rubin has been released and moved into a halfway house! Sentenced in 2014 to five years in federal prison for numerous Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front actions—including the arsons of Vail Ski Resort and US Forest Industries, as well as liberating horses from and burning down BLM Wild Horse Facilities in California and Oregon—Rebecca is out of prison almost a year and a half before an expected release date of September, 2017. Glad you’re out, Rebecca!
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ABC-Belarus stickers 2014

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abcbelarus1-768x780    a4k1-150x150

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abc belarus

[Brochure] Des écrits et des communiqués en solidarité avec Mónica Caballero et Francisco Solar

Cliquez sur l’image pour le télécharger en pdf (40 pages, 5,3mb)

Cliquez sur l’image pour le télécharger en pdf (40 pages, 5,3mb)

Reçu le 13 mars :

Cette brochure est publiée à la suite de celle intitulée « Jusqu’à détruire la dernière des cages », publiée aux alentours de mars 2014, toujours disponible en papier, et consultable sur internet sur divers sites anarchistes.

NoMuos. Stupido, di un Turi Vaccaro sei finito ancora una volta in carcere…


Mentre “la Cassazione ha dichiarato il MUOS pericoloso per la salute”, hanno arrestato nuovamente TURI VACCARO 62enne pacifista catanese, al termine di una protesta “No Muos” svoltasi davanti alla base americana. E’ accusato di resistenza a pubblico ufficiale e danneggiamento di un’automobile del commissariato di Gela, perché si era sdraiato sul sedile posteriore dell’auto della polizia e con i piedi aveva sfondato il finestrino dello sportello
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Hans Niemeyer – Requiem for the Passing Moon (pdf) 2014

Contra los Jueces


Contra los Jueces
(El discurso anarquista en sede judicial)

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Mónica y Francisco Presentes¡¡¡




Acción solidaria con lxs compañerxs Mónica y Francisco a días de su juicio en la Audiencia Nazional.

“Armando nuestro camino, sin transar ni negociar.
No pararemos hasta acabar con todas las jaulas.
¡Muerte al Estado y viva la anarquía!”
(Palabras de Mónica desde la cárcel brieva, noviembre 2014)