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Welcome to Britain.


Britain, like any other country of the western world, is a huge prison for thousands and thousands of people who come here in search of a better life, the so-called ‘asylum seekers’. It’s not by chance that so many desperate people try to enter the U.K. as well as the other rich countries. They can’t do otherwise. In their homeland not even the basic conditions of surviving are left.
 The globalisation of capital requires the maximum production at the lowest cost. That’s how the bosses move the centres of production from one country to the other searching for the cheapest labour cost. And that’s also the way they spread poverty and desolation and rob millions and millions of their resources. When the occasion occurs, the bosses and their armed mercenaries invade other countries to steal their oil or in order to keep some geopolitical context in equilibrium

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El siguiente texto fue traducido de la revista 325 Nº8 de septiembre de 2010.


Con mucho gusto, presentamos estas preguntas a la compañera anarquista de Elephant Editions Jean Weir. Jean hace traducciones y publicaciones y participa desde hace mucho tiempo en actividades anarquistas a nivel callejero. Ella es muy divertida, con los pies en la tierra, tiene un carácter fuerte e incansable, esta llena de vida y corazón….

Scandalous thoughts

Venona Q.


Every so often, cyclically, collective or social anarchism becomes restrictive to some anarchists and an anarchist individualism reasserts itself. It happened at the turn of the twentieth century when some of the great anarchist thinkers began to question some of the more communistic dogmas. It is happening once more, and once more we witness some of the social anarchists writhe in panic as their comfortable dream is disturbed and they wittingly or unwittingly reinforce the stranglehold of the State by condemning their unruly sisters and brothers who appear to threaten the pursuit of what one comrade has aptly described as ‘civil anarchism’.

It is a horrible creature, this civil anarchism. A slathering, craven and despotic monster with eyes in the back of its head which tries to be what anarchism will probably never be – palatable to the modern consumer masses.

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Mas allá del “Movimiento” – ¡ANARQUÍA!


El mundo es una pestilente iglesia, codiciosa y falsa donde todos tienen un ídolo al que adorar de forma fetichista y un altar sobre el cual sacrificarse a sí mismos.” – Renzo Novatore

Un movimiento de anarquistas tendria, o vosotros pensáis que tendría que ser, un proyecto colectivo de realización individual y libertad, apoyo mútuo y solidaridad, comunicación honesta y responsabilidad individual, de ataque violento contra instituciones, gestores y estructuras de dominación y alienación, contra la programación mental y las actitudes inconscientes, contra la reprodución de la sociedad autoritaria en nuestras interrelaciones, pensamientos y acciones.

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Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Human Behaviour


Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Human Behaviour

In light of recent revelations of wholesale spying on American citizens by the NSA and GCHQ, significant attention has focused not only on how much data is being collected and under what authority it was being collected in the first place, but on the potential uses of that crucial private information by the agents of the surveillance state.

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Out Now : 325 #11 – Against the Post-Industrial Consumer Society and the Technological Singularity


Brand new magazine from the furnace of the 325 editorial collective free online now. 60 pages of b&w printer-friendly insurrectional nihilist-anarchy and anti-civilisation war.

325 #11 : Against the Post-Industrial Consumer Society and the Technological Singularity


3. Direct Action Chronology
8. No Illusions – Alfredo M.Bonanno
9. Climate change, nuclear-energy and urban war in the new century – Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis – N.T.
13. Road Ahead Closed – Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis – N.T.
13. Electricity grid at risk as floods increase – Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis – N.T.
15. The Dictator – Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco
15. Industrial Alienation – B.I
23. Memories from the Future: The Coming Technological Singularity – Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis – N.T.
29. Information and Slavery – Anti-civilisation cell of training & analysis – N.T.
31. Anarchist comrades contributions to the IX Meeting for Animal Liberation in Italy, 2013 – Silvia Guerini & Costantino Ragusa
38. War against the machines! – Gianluca Iacovacci
41. Letter from Adriano Antonacci about the refusal of video-conference trial
42. Necrotechnologies – Synthetic biology
43. Parts & Labour – Fabricating life in a lab
45. The Daleks Are Coming! – Robot security guards
46. Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Human Behaviour
48. Predictive Surveillance Technology Arrives
48. The Problem of Strategy – Alfredo M.Bonanno
49. Empty House & Crowded Forest – Eat
51. Some Thoughts on FAI/IRF – Eat
53. Don’t Trust, Don’t Fear, Don’t Beg – Ihar Alinevich
54. Fear – Rodolfo Gonzalez Pacheco
54. Escape into Sanity: The Fall – V.Q.
57. In the Fall-out of the Black Smoke Cloud of Black Rock Quarry
57. Perpetual Cycles
58. Someone else’s meal – L
58. Mechanics of Nature



Greece: Text of the anarchist Spiros Mandilas about the Anarchist Squat Nadir (en/gr) and other texts

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Lately, various interior matters taking place in Anarchist Squat Nadir, have been published, because of two or three people, thought they should publish a misinformative text of breakaway, in order to justify their cowardice or their failure.

Therefore, since a matter has been published, I owe too, to explain in public what has happened. Especially, since through this text, they accuse me of their breakaway.

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‘Anarchy – Civil or Subversive?’ : A Collection of Texts Against Civil Anarchism


PDF: Civil anarchism book

Bored of the type of anarchism that seems to exist only as a boring routine of endless meetings and crap benefit gigs full of self-important tossers?
Sick of middleclass mummys boys pretending to be proles?
Fed up of being told what the “class struggle” is and isn’t?

We are too and so we put together this booklet about it.


From Dark Matter and 325 associates