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2016 Zine Catalog is Up and Ready!


We send zines to prisoners throughout the state of Oregon. Below you will find our most current catalog along with links to all associated zines. If you know a prisoner who would like to receive a catalog have them write to us at

Portland ABC
109 SE Alder st.
unit #0717
Portland Oregon 97214

New Zine Catalog Print

New Zine Catalog Read

you can find links to all of our zines in the catalog here


Announcing The Oregon Prisoner Forum: A New Publication for Prisoner Voices


Today the Portland Anarchist Black Cross is announcing The Oregon Prisoner Forum newsletter. This projected is facilitated by the PDX ABC and features art, poetry and perspectives from prisoners and their supporters from across the state. The project intends to elevate the voices of incarcerated people from the region to shake the foundations of the prison society, bring radical voices from the inside and out together and demonstrate our common struggle for liberation! Print and readable PDF’s are available for download at the links below.


TOPF Print

 Portland Anarchist Black Cross