Turkey: Arson attack against AKP party building By TiKKO militants in Istanbul

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TiKKO, the armed wing of the TKP / ML (Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist Leninist) continue their fight against the fascist state of Erdogan and the AKP. Having already conducted numerous actions in protest against the massacres suffered by the Kurdish people, TiKKO have clashed with police in Istanbul for several days in response to the killing of 60 people by Turkish state police in Cizre and have now set fire to an AKP building in Istanbul.
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ROMP #38



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United Kingdom: “Some quick personal thoughts from a nihilist anarchist point of view” by Archegonos


We are not machines. This means we will get influenced by others, but we won’t become followers of anybody. The ego is all that matters. It is another thing to respect somebody’s words or actions because they can be used as an evolution of personal thoughts, criticism or as a weapon and a very different thing to become a follower and create new kinds of idols or gods.
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United Kingdom: “A few words about total liberation from anti-social, individualist, anarchist point of view”


One could say that the term total liberation is a general term. I will specify that according to how I see it. The term total liberation means liberation of human animals, non-human animals and the earth, at no case through the point of view of any future fantasy or better mass society. If we convert total liberation into ideology then we trivialize it and it completely loses it’s meaning. The total liberation that I am speaking about could be nothing less than aggressive and in total conflict with the existent. The earth and the non-human animals as well as the human animals are parts of chaos. I am a nihilist and I see myself as an individuality inside the entire physical environment away from anthropocentric societies as the cities.
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