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antifa notes (january 30, 2016) : Black Rose, UPF and moar


Black Rose

On Thursday night in Newtown an altercation occurred outside of Black Rose anarchist infoshop involving Ralph Cerminara (Australian Defence League/Left Wing Bigots & Extremists Exposed Facebook page) and Dan Evans (Reclaim Australia and principal organiser of the February 6 PEGIDA rally in Canberra) on the one hand and two or three people at the infoshop on the other.

Charges laid following brawl – Newtown
NSW Police Force Media Release
January 29, 2016
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Melbourne, so-called Australia: Paint and sledgehammer attack against BAE Systems

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In the final hours of December 2015 we attacked the offices of the defense contractor BAE Systems on River Boulevard in Richmond with paint and sledge hammers.

BAE Systems make billions from war and their technology is responsible for countless civilian deaths worldwide.
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1929-1936, Australia: Lock Out The Landlords!

eviction crowd

(Woolloomooloo anti eviction rally, Sydney early 1930s)

The economic depression of the 1930s saw thousands of Australians thrown out of their homes and into the streets. These actions however did not go unopposed. Across Australia pickets, occupations and protests were organised to disrupt and prevent evictions and auctions. Where these failed some took matters into their own hands wrecking the properties of landlords and real estate agents in revenge. This pamphlet, originally written in 1998 and updated ten years later, chronicles just some of the many struggles that took place. It includes a chronology of actions as well as photos and quotes from those involved providing an insight into the events of the time. It can be downloaded here.


#CronullaRiots 2.0 : A Damp Squib


Yes, well: props to the “anti-Muzzie crew” I guess. In any case, the tsunami of racist violence that was promised by paranoid phantasists turned out to be a bit of a damp squib in the end: over 9,000 somewhere between 40 and 60 patriotik folks assembled at a BBQ in Cronulla today; a far cry from THE BIGGEST AUSSIE PRIDE RALLY THIS COUNTRY HAS EVER SEEN that was promised by galloping mythomaniac Shermon Burgess (aka ‘The Great Aussie Patriot’).
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Girls Radio Offensive


DIY community radio, monday nights 11pm-12am on 3cr, 855am or 3cr.org.au. Available on audio on demand for 1 week after the show. focusing on feminist and anarchist issues, race and colonisation particularly in australia, wimmin in punk, diy culture, news and events… please contact email girlsradiooffensive@myway.com with any comments, suggestions, info or upcoming events

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Forming the National Front of Australia: ASIO and the fledgling far right group


On Saturday June 2, 1978, a group of nine people gathered in a room of the Southern Cross Hotel in the Melbourne CBD to launch the National Front of Australia (NFA). According to the ASIO informant, nine people attended the meeting, including several well-known far right activists, a 16 year old schoolboy and an undercover reporter for the newspaper The Age. Seven out of the nine listed were already known to the authorities in some regard. The meeting was led by a 23 year old law student and army reservist, Rosemary Sisson, who had travelled to the UK in 1977 to seek permission from the National Front’s John Tyndall to establish an NF in Australia. According to ASIO, Tyndall had appointed Sisson to be Chairwoman of the NFA until a directing body was created. In a report on Sisson by the Victorian Police’s Special Branch, Sisson was described in these terms:
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#UnitedPatriotsFront fails to rise in #Melbourne. Again.


Well, that was embarrassing.

For reasons best known to himself, Blair Cottrell, the neo-Nazi fuehrer of the fascist grouplet the ‘United Patriots Front’ (UPF), decided a few days ago that it would be a really good idea to hold a rally at Parliament House and a march from there to the Premier’s office in Treasury Place.
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