BAGR3: Wild Resistance, Insurgent Subsistence: An interview with BC green anarchists on native resistance, building community and undermining civilization.


Fracking, tar sands, sour gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) conversion stations and pipelines; in all cases, it would appear that our native friends up north have been trail blazing persistent resistance to the new wave of resource extraction and distribution. As they seem to typify it, it’s just the new face of colonization, but an old enemy.

I had the pleasure of speaking to non-native green anarchists from British Columbia who have been involved with and supporting these encampments and have been able to give us some more details about the encampments, the challenges that they expose for anarchists and as non-natives, the contexts of decolonization and effective forms of resistance, and, most importantly, the role of community and subsistence.
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A look inside Black and Green Review no 3!

BAGR3full   Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 9.14.03 PM

Black and Green Review no 3 is press-bound. More info coming very soon, but here’s what we’re looking at: 216 pages of top notch anti-civilization discussions, essays, and bravado.
Here’s a quick run through:

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To Speak of Wildness – Kevin Tucker


“He says that woman speaks with nature. That she hears voices from under the earth. That wind blows in her ears and trees whisper to her. That the dead sing through her mouth and the cries of infants are clear to her. But for him this dialogue is over. He says he is not part of this world, that he was set on this world as a stranger.”[1]

– Susan Griffin, Woman and Nature

“It is not inherently in the nature of the world that it should consist of things that may or may not be appropriated by people.”[2]

– Tim Ingold

The memory is vivid.
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Black and Green Review no 2 is out now!

BAGR2frontcover    BAGR2TOC

I slack on updating this site, but Black and Green Review no 2 is out now!
For more info, go to the BAGR2 page.
To subscribe or order bulk copies, follow this link.
To order single copies, click here to order from Oldowan Distribution.
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Action and Response


There has been an uproar, stemming from the logical and important critique of activism, that fears the reemergence of a civil disobedience ethic. On the other side of action, theoretically, sits ITS. The Individualists Tending Towards the Wild (ITS) are individuals who have sent bombs to numerous universities, professors, researchers, as well as journalists and non-profits in the name of wild human nature. ITS has its cut throat communiqués stylized to provoke anger and wrought with strands of logic pulled harshly and quickly together, making arguments that seem pointless to engage with. In its communiqués ITS, though contradictory at times, aims to be another theoretical bullet (as opposed to the actual bombs) against the plague of pointless property destruction and “sentimental environmentalism”. Swallowed in is indeed civil disobedience and all other actions that would seem trivial (including non-human targeted arson as they have specifically named ELF as a sentimental “group”) in the face of a bomb.

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The Resilience of the Wild: Talking and Stalking Wolves with Rod Coronado


The Resilience of the Wild:

Stalking and Talking Wolves with Rod Coronado.

Rod Coronado should need no introduction. In the history of the Earth and Animal Liberation movements, fewer have left a bigger footprint. Be it sinking whalers with the Sea Shepard, taking part in Operation Bite Back (one of the first ALF campaigns to use arson as a tactic and focus on wild animals), a legacy of hunt sabs, being a Yaqui warrior, getting thrown back in Federal prison over Facebook friends, and now protecting wolves, Rod has quite the legacy. I’ve often said that while I don’t believe in heroes, Rod is as close as they get. If you need a reminder of why, he is also the author of Memories of Freedom, which I consider to be required reading.
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BLACK and Green Review


Issue One

Starts shipping out March 15, 2015!
128 pages, printed on recycled paper.
$8 plus shipping through Oldowan Distribution.
Pre-orders are up now at Oldowan. They will also be handling wholesale orders.
To subscribe (physical or PDF copies), click on the subscriptions tab.

Oldowan Distribution.
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BAGR 1: The Suffocating Void – Kevin Tucker


“It would be imprudent to deny, or even to play down, the profound change which the advent of ‘fluid modernity’ has brought to the human condition. The remoteness and unreachability of systemic structure, coupled with the unstructured, fluid state of the immediate setting of life-politics, change that condition in a radical way and call for a rethinking of old concepts that used to frame its narratives. Like zombies, such concepts are today simultaneously dead and alive.” – Zygmunt Bauman[1]

Something has changed. Radically. And for the worst.
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Announcing Black and Green Review


Black and Green Review is a new anarcho-primitivist (AP) magazine with a single goal: to deepen the AP and Green Anarchist (GA) critiques through open discussion and debate.
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