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Processo No Tav, chiesti 6 anni per Matteo e Gabriele


In un tribunale super blindato si è svolta stamane l’udienza del processo ai due No Tav Matteo e Gabriele (già condannato al maxiprocesso per i fatti del 27 giugno e del 3 luglio dello stesso anno) accusati dalla procura di Torino di aver sequestrato e rapinato un carabiniere nei boschi della Maddalena il 3 luglio 2011.
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Communique from The Blast! Blog


Communique from The Blast! Blog

It’s been an exciting few months over here in the battlefield of the blogosphere. We’ve had infos dropped about the home addresses of various public officials, prison employees, and even profiteering CEO’s (Shout out to Ryan Shapiro!) Our presence has caused some squirming on all sides. We thinks that it is completely paramount to ask ourselves why. Why would people who claim to desire the destruction of the prison system and capitalism be uncomfortable with doxing the people who have been doxed on our site? Why would people who seem so secure in their power and moral righteousness feel threatened by the presence of their home addresses on our website? Posted by bona fide punk ass trolls no less? Why would anarchists and jailers share the same opinions? Most importantly: What side are you on?
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