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Traveling Autonomous Zone (2009)


By Rob los Ricos

In his book Temporary Autonomous Zone, Hakim Bey suggests that we not worry about changing the world, but instead take charge of our own lives whenever possible. He reminds us that, even though such insurrections as the ones in Paris 1871 and during the Spanish Civil War were ultimately crushed militarily, they at least achieved a period of autonomy for a portion of their lives, which is more than many of us can say.
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My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys


An Interview with Rod Coronado.
The inspiring Native American earth warrior and animal liberationist Rod Coronado paid a visit to Brighton a little while back. Finally free to speak after years on the run, in prison and then with parole conditions banning him from engaging in any political activity, he made the best of it by going on a speaking tour around the UK. He managed to spare some time out of his schedule for a chat with Do or Die…
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The Resilience of the Wild: Talking and Stalking Wolves with Rod Coronado



The Resilience of the Wild:

Stalking and Talking Wolves with Rod Coronado.

Rod Coronado should need no introduction. In the history of the Earth and Animal Liberation movements, fewer have left a bigger footprint. Be it sinking whalers with the Sea Shepard, taking part in Operation Bite Back (one of the first ALF campaigns to use arson as a tactic and focus on wild animals), a legacy of hunt sabs, being a Yaqui warrior, getting thrown back in Federal prison over Facebook friends, and now protecting wolves, Rod has quite the legacy. I’ve often said that while I don’t believe in heroes, Rod is as close as they get. If you need a reminder of why, he is also the author of Memories of Freedom, which I consider to be required reading.
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post traumatic stress after prison


After Prison – Zine & Website Project

After Prison is a zine and website project aimed at sharing the voices of former earth and animal defense prisoners. Activist prisoner support campaigns often end once a person is released from prison, but there are many ongoing concerns for former prisoners and their loved ones.
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Fighting Back: Crimes of Resistance

Chicks Line a Child's Gun

Rod Coronado

It’s been a full year for the merry hunt saboteurs of Arizona Earth First! in which my hopes of documenting the Fall trophy hunting seasons in this beautiful state were realized. We did it with very little money and even less people, but together our small collective from Chuk’shon Earth First! and Phoenix Earth First! demonstrated what is still possible for a handful of individual activists willing to bend the rules set by our opponents. And thanks to our efforts I’d like to believe life was enjoyed a little while longer by the black bears, mountain lions, prairie dogs, elk, mule deer, antelope, sandhill cranes and desert bighorn sheep that we spared from the hunter’s gun’s and arrows.

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“Le Fiamme della Vittoria”, Rod Coronado intervista Melanie Arnold


Da oggi proponiamo una nuova categoria del blog : “articoli e traduzioni”.
Nel corso della storia di questo movimento si sono prodotti innumerevoli documenti, riviste, fanzine o newsletters, a loro volta piene di articoli, interviste ed analisi. Molto di quanto fatto è stato perso, molto altro viene recuperato e digitalizzato, nel tentativo di dare nuova vita a quelle pubblicazioni, a non perderne l’importante contributo e fondamentale testimonianza.
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Palabras de lucha, por Rod Coronado


Hace once años estuve en el mayor laboratorio de investigación peletera, en la universidad estatal de Oregón. No estaba ahí para encadenarme y mucho menos para hacer una petición. Mis guerrerxs y yo estábamos ahí para quemar el edificio hasta convertirlo en cenizas. Durante el año y medio anterior había visitado granjas por todo el país recabando información sobre las condiciones en que estaban los visones, zorros, linces, gatos salvajes y chinchillas, y sobre una industria que lleva haciendo una guerra genocida contra la vida salvaje desde hace más de 400 años.
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