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Short history of Neo-Nazi skinhead subculture in Croatia


A short history of Croatian Neo-Nazi skinhead subculture.

The Neo-Nazi skinhead subculture emerged from the nationalist hysteria of the 90’s. Before the 90’s, in “socialist” Yugoslavia, the existence of this kind of subculture was impossible. Still, there was one isolated incident that opposes this claim. In 1981, the members of a punk band called “The Fourth Reich”, from Socialist Republic of Slovenia, were arrested, trialed and sentenced to prison because of promoting Neo-Nazism. Although the band never had a chance to play live or to record, this was a big scandal in former Yugoslavia. Besides this, there were no similar actions, as “socialist” regime did not tolerate such deviations. With raging nationalism of the 90’s and the resurrection of the extreme right, especially the Ustasha movement, and with the new “cultural” step towards the West, the fertile ground for Neo-Nazi skinhead movement was created.
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ReciKlaonica celebrating 5th year of existence (Zagreb)

20160213_Zagreb_5_godina_otpora_Birthday_party_Reciklaonica    header

These are the times when squats and autonomous spaces all around the world are experiencing a big fall due to governmental oppression, strict housing laws, fascist attacks, lower and lower number of people who still have the passion and interest for this form of the struggle – so it’s of a huge importance to participate and support on your local level!

Reciklaonica is a political squat and collective based in Zagreb. Aside from it being a home for dozens of people, dogs and cats, it also gave birth to projects such as a bar/club, rehearsal room, tool workshop, bike workshop, Free shop, anarcha infoshop, antifa gym, diy screeen printing lab, a permacultural garden etc. which all function on principals of solidarity without which this (or any) squat/project wouldn’t exist.
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