4JUN Stop the Fascist March in Brighton!


On the 4th of June, a group of far-right racists want to protest in Brighton against refugees.
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Birmingham: Feb 6 – Bloody Mayhem for Pegida (UK)


Pegida’s neo-Nazi goosestep from Birmingham International Airport Train Station to a windswept car park in the middle of nowhere, is not for the faint-hearted or the squeamish. And we are not talking about confrontations between ANTIFA and the fascists. Serious bad blood remains between many EDL members and Tommy “Tit” Robinson, with Stephen Yaxley Lennon accused by many detractors, with good reason, of grassing up the rank and file to the police. Non more so than when a large number of Birmingham EDL rioters were caged – Tommy apparently was on the phone for a week to officers investigating these crimes, once the photographic evidence was released. Nothing is left to the imagination with Tommy Tit – and one of his most offensive lies was when he headbutted a ex-military dissident in Blackburn who dared to accuse him of being an informant, later pretending he viciously assaulted him because he was “a nazi”. Lots of ex-EDL members are promising to turn up demanding answers from Tommy, whom they firmly believe to be an agent of the state.
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Against Racism & Fascism (Kent/uk)



AFN report-back of a successful day out in Bradford!


Today saw the AFN come together to oppose the racist EDL in Bradford (all 80/90 of ’em). Whilst the coppers were out in full force, as was the rain, we organised around the city to show the EDL that Bradford doesn’t welcome their hateful rhetoric. After an hour of looking a bit glum in the drizzle balancing oversized flags above their heads, they were eventually shoved onto a coach by their copper chums and driven out of the city .
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The truth about Britain First’s “Protect the Poppy” day of action


Far right hate group Britain First has been leading the gullible to believe its activists were “standing watch over poppy sellers to ensure they don’t get any hassle from leftwing anarchists and Islamists.”

But here’s the truth about their supposed “day of action”.
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Bradford Anti-Fascist Network Fundraising Festival


Bradford Anti-Fascist Network are holding a festival to raise funds for organising against the EDL coming to Bradford on the 14th of November. The funds will also be used for setting up the group, in order to start doing general actions/activities around anti-fascism and towards building a culture of anti-fascism in Bradford.
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*Stop the fascists in Bristol – Saturday 17th October – spread the word and be ready to mobilise!*


*Stop the fascists in Bristol – Saturday 17th October – spread the word and be ready to mobilise!*

On Saturday 17th October Bristol’s resident fascists, the ‘Bristol United Patriots,’ claim to be holding a demo in the city.

Originally intended to be part of a ‘unity action’ with the BNP, the later have since got cold feet and these guys want to go it alone.

Stop the EDL in Aylesbury! (18 october 2015)


Stop the EDL in Aylesbury!

The racist English Defence League (EDL) plan to march through the centre of Aylesbury on Saturday 10 October, cynically hijacking child abuse cases in Aylesbury and elsewhere to spread racist hatred and divide our communities along ethnic lines.
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Stop Britain First: Racists Out Of Burton!


17 october 2015
at 12:00 in UTC+01
Burton Upon Trent
Heads up in case you aren’t from Burton: the Marmite theme is because it’s made there!
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Stop the EDL in Colchester


The racist EDL are coming back to Colchester. We are organising a community resistance to stop them, join us!

***Our meet up point and time will be announced a few days before the demo***

Called by Essex Anti-fascists and supported by the Anti-Fascist Network (AFN).

About us: www.essexantifa.wordpress.com