AT DAGGERS DRAWN by Anon. (Elephant Editions)


At Daggers Drawn; with the existent, its defenders and its false critics (Elephant Editions)

Pourquoi je démissionne du syndicat


En 1981, Jean était syndiqué CGT à Saulnier-Duval, l’une des principales usines métallurgiques de la région nantaise, au sein de laquelle il subsistait encore des rétifs parmi les damnés de la chaîne de montage, plus de dix ans après Mai 68. D’où l’ambiance faite de réticences au travail, de coulages larvés de la production, parfois même de sabotages. Avec quelques autres complices, Jean diffusa largement cette lettre ouverte devant bon nombre d’usines en Loire-Atlantique, en commençant par Saulnier-Duval, et après avoir expliqué les raisons de sa démission en assemblée générale, sous les cris de haine des staliniens.
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Abbandoniamo tutte le protesi ed avventuriamoci negli abissi di un mondo senza limiti


La vita ha disertato il labirinto senz’anima delle attività giornaliere dell’uomo. Così apparentemente ecumeni cale, così apparentemente volatile, essa non è così a buon mercato. I tentativi di incontrarla da parte degli schiavi della democrazia non sono rimasti che tali. Le scelte apparenti nelle vetrine dei negozi del capitale si riducono ad una sola: puoi abitare nella palude con le rane, sguazzare nel pantano globale della partecipazione ed aiutare a diffondere la melma finché anche i tuoi sogni diventeranno grigi. O te ne puoi andare. Prendere il volo con i vagabondi dello spirito, lasciare che il bagliore della libertà incendi le tue passioni, accenda il tuo spirito, ti illumini la mente. Abbandonare tutte le protesi ed avventurarti negli abissi di un mondo senza limiti.
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1. The intolerable sensation that each one of us felt at the news of the killing of Baader, Ensslin and Raspe and the attempted elimination of Moeller, is the piercing stab in that part of us that recognises itself in these women and men, and recognises and admires in them individuals who, in the immediate, can no longer tolerate the present state of affairs. On the other hand, the claim of the Rote Armee Fraktion to educate the masses by example and organise their revolutonary struggle as a vanguard, has always rendered their perspective quite extraneous and absolutely opposed to ours.
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The Poverty of Feminism

Dominique Karamazov

In spite of its emancipatory and radical airs, feminism remains in the area of capitalist society to the point of even becoming the guardian of female alienation. It is not enough to define it an incomplete revolt, soliciting it to become total by abandoning the purely women’s point of view. We need to show up its content and the inversions that it involves in terms of real solutions.

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Palestine, mon amour


Alfredo M. Bonanno

No one can understand what is happening in the land of Palestine, not even those who have followed the bloody course of events involving the people who have lived there for so long. They face each other with hatred and suspicion, not just men and women, children and old people, but the very dust of the roads and the mud that covers them on rainy days, the asphyxiating heat and the stench of the sultriness.
There is no prospect of peace in sight. The ideal solution, at least as far as all those who have the freedom of peoples at heart can see, would be generalised insurrection. In other words, an intifada starting from the Israeli people, that is capable of destroying the institutions that govern them and of proposing peace based on collaboration and mutual respect with the Palestinian people directly, without intermediaries. But for the time being this perspective is only a dream. We must prepare for the worst.
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From Riot to Insurrection – AudioZine


1:03:24 – From Riot to Insurrection: Analysis for an Anarchist Perspective Against Post-Industrial Capitalism – By Alfredo M. Bonanno – PDF – Read – Torrent – Archive – YouTube

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Per un mondo assolutamente altro


Una vita sfrenata, un viaggio nell’altro assoluto, richiede la totale distruzione non solo del “mio” lavoro, ma anche del vero concetto di lavoro ed economia in quanto basi delle relazioni umane. Jean Weir

Se il progetto anarchico può risultare incomprensibile a quelli che hanno imparato ad accettare la necessità di essere governati e a preferire la sicurezza alla libertà, questo progetto inteso nella sua totalità, come completo rovesciamento di tutte le relazioni sociali basate sull’obbligo e sulla forzatura, può essere incomprensibile persino per molti anarchici. L’idea della distruzione del lavoro va frequentemente incontro a incomprensioni. E ciò succede in più di una forma.
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From ‘Armed Struggle in Italy 1976-78’ Elephant Editions

In order to dispel any ambiguity which might arise, I should like to make it clear that when I speak of armed struggle I am not basing myself on artificial divisions imposed by bourgeois laws where the throwing of dozens of molotov cocktails runs the risk of not being considered a situation of armed struggle by some comrades.
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A.M. Bonnano     

Barings is a small commercial bank in London. It made the headlines the world over due to the collapse that resulted from disastrous operations carried out in the Tokyo Stock Exchange by one of its employees, Nick Leeson, their agent in the Singapore branch.
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