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Por Ted kaczynski[1]

Me gustaría comentar algunas de las afirmaciones que fueron hechas respecto al manifiesto de Unabomber en el nº 40-41 de Green Anarchist. En un artículo que aparece en las páginas 21-22, Anti-Authoritarians Anonymous escribían:

[El] retorno a modos de vida autónomos y no domesticados no se conseguiría solamente mediante la eliminación del industrialismo. Tras dicha eliminación aún seguiría habiendo dominación de la naturaleza, subyugación de las mujeres, guerra, religión, estado y división del trabajo, por citar algunas patologías sociales básicas. Es la propia civilización la que debe ser desmantelada para llegar a donde Unabomber quiere llegar.

Two Decades of Disobedience: A retrospective on Green Anarchist’s first twenty years (2004)


Few anarchist publications survive to their 20th year, and then typically spoil it by resounding triumphant about their minuscule ‘great achievements’. At risk of sounding pious, it is not our role as revolutionaries to holiday from criticism — especially essential selfcriticism — or to publish propaganda, which implies an unequal, manipulative relationship between writer and reader. Like the Trotskyites of yore, there are ‘Walter Mittys’ in the movement that go over the in-house press with a fine-toothed comb for any portent — however tiny or obscure — of their imminent ‘achievement of historical destiny’, a tendency that actually only emphasises their risible, self-deluded megalomania and pathetic insignificance. For all the postSeattle myth-making, Leviathan’s enemies have achieved little on global terms, so it is more appropriate to present ourselves with modest humility, as learners rather than teachers.

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Beware of White-Dressed Cops: Some Italian rioters contrast Ya Basta!s Image with the Reality [2002]


The tute blanche (White Overalls) are already well-known in the European and American protest movement, being well recognisable with their uniform and protection pads in the front lines. They undeniably showed their reformist and reactionary core to the worldwide movement in Prague, but still they fail to get the adequate response true revolutionaries should give them, which is the same deserved by blue-dressed cops. That’s why we consider it necessary to spread info on them, their tactics and their lies.

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Against Missionaries. Articles from “Green Anarchist”


Various Authors


Commandos for Christ!

The New Tribes Mission are a right-wing Christian missionary organisation, who have spread themselves all over the world. From their modest, though violent, beginnings they have never looked back. NTM’s purpose is to make contact with every ‘uncontacted’ tribe on earth and plant churches in the areas where these tribes live. They use coercion and force, having no regard for the peoples’ cultures and lives they are imposing upon.

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Destroying Industrial Society


Craig Marshall

There are many people pulling out — rejecting society as we know it. The numbers of these people are growing everyday, some may see this as a good thing, however I don’t see this as a solution to the growing environmental crisis. While these people who pull away from civilized society are one up on those who take part in this death race called civilization, many are doing nothing to dismantle the machine that’s killing all of us.
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The Machine in Our Heads (1997)

Glenn Parton



The environmental crisis consists of the deterioration and outright destruction of micro and macro ecosystems worldwide, entailing the elimination of countless numbers of wild creatures from the air, land, and sea, with many species being pushed to the brink of extinction, and into extinction. People who passively allow this to happen, not to mention those who actively promote it for economic or other reasons, are already a good distance down the road to insanity. Most people do not see, understand, or care very much about this catastrophe of the planet because they are overwhelmingly preoccupied with grave psychological problems. The environmental crisis is rooted in the psychological crisis of the modern individual. This makes the search for an eco-psychology crucial; we must understand better what terrible thing is happening to the modern human mind, why it is happening, and what can be done about it.

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Beyond the Fragments: A Reaction to Industrial Society and Its Future

John Moore

Two polar positions have been assumed by most commentators on ‘the Unabomber’, even within the anarchist milieu. On the one hand, there is the predictable ‘fluffy’ repudiation of violence. On the other hand, there is a romanticization of the bomber(s) as outlaw hero(es — never -ines). Both responses are in error. The first can be rejected out of hand as just another symptom of bourgeois playacting at being revolutionary, all the more irritating when it is accompanied by praise of violent activity in other times and other places. The second is more problematic because ‘the Unabomber’ does raise a crucial issue of our time: the urgent necessity of outright assault on the industrial system. Rather, however, than appraise the acts of ‘the Unabomber’ (which others can do much better), this essay focuses on something more tangible: the ‘Unabomber’ manifesto, Industrial Society and Its Future. If the following discussion remains largely critical of FC, this is due, not to any condemnation of the bombings, but to a question of ideological motivation. Emma Goldman refused to condemn Leon Czolgosz when he assassinated President McKinlay, even though was suspicious of his motivations and disagreed with his action, and this seems like an admirable anarchist example — even in the present instance, when I offer critical support for FC’s acts. But FC, unlike Czolgosz, act from a set of formulated principles, and these demand scrutiny. This essay questions FC’s commitment to anti-authoritarian radicalism and thus is intended to give pause for thought to those who would lend uncritical support to ‘the Unabomber’.

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Against The New World Order (2005)


Rob los Ricos

he death of Carlo Guiliani during the protests against the G8 summit in Genoa shocked many people in the First world. Carlo was assassinated by the militarized police forces of the New World Order, whose outright fascist nature was made clear when Guiliani’s arrested comrades were forced to pay homage to Il Duce in words and song by the Italian security forces. To the starry-eyed bourgeois activists in north America and Europe, Carlo’s death was a horrible travesty of justice against a movement to democratise global capitalism. To people in the South — the ‘developing’ or ‘underdeveloped’ lands — such assassinations are neither unusual nor unexpected. There has been a war raging over control of the Earth’s resources for a century (or more) and the fight to create a global corporate state — the New world Order by Bush I — is only the latest phase, one which has claimed dozens (Mexico, India), hundreds (Papua New Guinea), thousands (Columbia, Nigeria), even millions (Democratic Republic of the Congo) of lives around the world. Sadly, it’s only when these deaths occur in the presence of First World media and other witnesses that they register any sort of reaction at all.
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