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Hunt Sab solidarity call-out


Some people from within the folk punk network of europe have decided to get together to put out a benefit compilation CD of music, poetry and spoken word to raise money for different Hunt Saboteur groups around the UK. We want to include many different genres of music/poetry, as long as it is something that confronts the situation of animal exploitation, human supremacy, hieriarchy, destruction of the earth and other consequences of speciesm at the hands of humans. Anyone is welcome to submit their music, and it is not exclusive to only english speaking musicians or poets.
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Paramedic Hunt Saboteur Treats Injured Hunt Master


Hunt saboteurs association Press Release 8th March 2015


At Yesterdays meet of the Old Surrey, Burstow and west Kent Fox Hunt near Cowden, Kent, hunt master Ian Hamson lost consciousness after his horse fell and rolled on top of him. A member of Croydon Hunt saboteurs who is also a trained paramedic provided critical medical treatment to the injured man until other paramedics arrived.

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Criminal Activity by Members of the RAC


On Saturday the 10th January hunt saboteurs attended a meet of the Royal Agricultural College (RAC) Beagles who were meeting at the Holford Arms, Knockdown, Gloucestershire. From previous visits the hunt saboteurs know that the RAC hunt hares which was made illegal by the 2004 Hunting Act.
Upon sabs arrival they discovered the hunt chasing a hare in the fields behind the meet. They quickly stopped and headed back to their meet. The sabs then returned to their vehicles ready to depart.

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