December 7th: Ten years later


Ten years ago today, I was finishing up stuffing holiday cards for my employer when 2 beefy men asked me if i was indeed, Daniel McGowan. Once I was handcuffed and being frog-marched through the office, I knew what it was about.
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New Book Wish List for ELF Prisoner Justin Solondz


ELF prisoner Justin Solondz has a new book wish list up on Amazon. Show your support by sending him a book!

Justin is serving seven years for a 2001 firebombing of the University of Washington’s Center for Urban Horticulture, an action claimed by the Earth Liberation Front. A target of the FBI’s Operation Backfire, Justin was indicted in 2006, and plead guilty to a single count of conspiracy and a single count of arson in December, 2011. He is set to be released on August 31, 2017.

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“Green Scare” Defendants


The term “Green Scare,” alluding to the Red Scare of the 1940s and ’50s, refers to legal and extralegal actions taken by the U.S. government against environmental and animal rights activists. Like the Red Scare, the Green Scare uses new laws and new arms of the state to harshly punish a few individuals in order to repress an entire movement.

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